9 thoughts on “US and Israel Concede Iran Will Go Nuclear – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I am happy to read your rational proposal Richard.
    The Russian war on Ukraine may have its effects more broadly as well, countries believing that having a nuclear threat keeps them safe as Russia’s blackmail works to prolong this war. And so nuclear proliferation will possibly/probably happen. Maybe Ukraine should go nuclear again.
    Appeasing Israel’s outsized fear of Iran having nuclear weapons (while it has it’s own) has worked, like a Greek tragedy, to achieve the opposite result but it kept Netanyahu in power. That fear mongering perfected by Netanyahu (commiserating with Republicans in Congress and Trump beholden to the so-called pro-Israel vote) is more to blame than Biden I think, at least for setting Biden up. But Biden, suffering in the polls, also wants that vote at home of course and walks the line between wisdom and folly, at times for the latter, for political expediency. No?

  2. another gold ring for the fingers of Mr Security Bibi the cigars moocher and Mr Trump
    using their great wisdom when they decided to trash the jcpoa
    hail the day Mr Security went in front of congress and brought a bomb display
    and he still got the chutzpah to run again to further ruin it whilst living it off from someone else’s bank account.
    it was known from day one of trump rejecting the jcpoa that this current status would be the direct consequence in 2022 rather that at the end of jcpoa.
    did we need someone else’s wisdom reporting that this has happened or that Israel would be able to stop it. israel’s activities amounted no more than bees zapping a grey whale.
    iran can do no more blackmailing with or without the bomb, same as israel, wasted money.
    iram cant threaten anyone in either it’s neighborhood or anyone else’s neighborhoods,
    same as israel, WHO ARE THEY GOING TO BOMB. Even the US with its thousands of nukes cant threaten their greatest enemy namely putin’s russia.
    iran is losing its grip even in iraq AND lebanon. all the actors in the region know that ANY war would be more far reaching and could bring about WWIII as a consequence
    so please all let us not lose sleep over a nuclear iran.
    70 years later and only 2 were ever used THANK GOD

  3. Congrats Richard. Finally someone said what has been obvious for a year, namely that Iran will have a bomb within a month or so of when I decides to make one.

    A bright spot may occur if Trump is running in 2024, and Iran does a test well before the election, it will likely kill trump’s chances because all will see that ending the JCPOA was a colossal blunder.

    When will we learn that sanctions, even very deep ones, rarely force governments to change direction.

    If Israel recognizes that Iran is potentially nuclear, why do they continue to assassinate Iranian generals and scientists and engineers?

    best jeff

  4. There is a fatwa of Iranian leader that forbid nuclear weapons and the Iranian government is a religious government so they will never create such a weapon.

  5. Our pain at the pump funded and created the success of the Iran Nuclear Program. It wasn’t abstract political policies!

  6. Iran’s economy was and still is badly hurt. Iran’s official and obviously not biased statistical office claims inflation is at 42% and my guess is even much worse

    1. @ Steven: Congratulations for celebrating wreaking havoc on Iranian children and working people. Bringing them to their knees is an admirable mission. You do realize that no economic hardship affects the IRG or its military capability. Leadership ensures that they are not harmed by any of this. It only hurts the vulnerable. So good work. Hurting the masses and harming no one you hope to harm.

      1. Please show me where my celebration happened and how I support all those claims you made, but I guess it is easier to ignore this line.
        The leaders might be unharmed but the global consensus is it made a significant impact on their own military ability and reduced their proxy war to virtually nonexistent,

        1. @Steven:

          Please show me where my celebration happened and how I support all those claims you made

          Why else would you mention Iran’s inflation rate? Because you wish the country well? And who does the economic hardship hurt? Anyone connected to whatever national policies you dislike? Of course not. Which was my point.

          the global consensus is

          Watch out for anyone whose argument starts “many say,” “the view is that,” or “the globan consensus is.” What they mean is that ‘I believe this’ and I’m sure there are a ton of others, but I don’t know who they are, or I’m too lazy to cite a specific source. In fact, there is no globan consensus of the sort you mention.

          Sanctions are a hope or intent to harm Iran’s military capacity or nuclear program. But of course that’s not what’s happening. Iran makes sure that these parts of their national infrastructure are well funded. That’s in fact why the IRG has a huge economic impact and maintains control of many industrial plants and capabilities, which provide it income for its military activities.

          reduced their proxy war to virtually nonexistent,

          You have no idea what you’re talking about. Iran’s assistance to its allies in he region remain unchanged. Wherever Israel or the Saudis are attacking Syria, Yemen, Iraq, etc. Iran matches their aggression with its own aid to those attacked.

          Don’t post again in this thread.

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