11 thoughts on “Sara Netanyahu Testifies in Libel Trial Against Ehud Olmert – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The male Netanyahu is so egregiously murderous and manipulative that it’s a real joy to see him saddled with someone like Sara. I don’t suppose we could get the couple to agree to a reality TV show of some kind: ‘At Home with the Netanyahus’ or something?

    ‘Life with Sara‘?
    ‘Our Mrs Minister‘?
    ‘The Queen and I’?

    Thinking about it, I think a half-hour sit-com might be better. Each week, we’d have another whacky adventure with Israel’s lovable ex-first lady.

    1. Please no!
      The faster these people are removed from the public eye to convalesce in any sanitorium will not be soon enough!

  2. I honestly hoped for a better response on your end here. I assume Olmert’s “mentally ill” comment was somewhat based on your piece and I have hoped that your story was based on some more concrete facts that can actually be proven.
    It does not seem to be the case, and all the evidence here, apparently, was 2nd level hearsay.
    I despise this family, but honestly, if all you had was rumors, it seems like you have been misled and owe them an apology in this case.

    1. @ Hinnawi:

      I assume Olmert’s “mentally ill” comment was somewhat based on your piece.

      “Assume makes an ass out of you,” not me. Why would you make such an assumption? Olmert has known the Netanyahus for decades. He was Bibi’s boss when Olmert was mayor of Jerusalem. Bibi probably learned his crooked ways at Olmert’s feet. Nor does Olmert need me to tell him Sara is “mentally ill,” to quote him. He reads the newspapers and knows all the articles recounting her bizarre behavior.

      BTW, you clearly didn’t read the full testimony of the trial and Tintovitz’s full cross examination, which referred to scores of incidents and examples of all of their mental health issues (notably Sara & Yair’s). You give me far too much credit. Credit I do not want or deserve.

      As for “facts,” my story Is based on facts. It’s just that you don’t like the facts. That doesn’t deny that they are.

      As for 2nd level hearsay–the English language term would be “second hand.” You don’t need to say “hearsay” if you say “second hand.” They mean the same thing.

      I have hoped that your story was based on some more concrete facts that can actually be proven.

      You clearly don’t understand what journalism is. Not every story has a smoking gun with hard, ironclad evidence. Some stories contain multiple pieces of strong circumstantial evidence, enough to build a case. It’s the same with a murder in which there is no body. Does the DA refuse to prosecute a killer because he has no corpse, when there are reams of circumstantial evidence?

      As for “rumors,” when a Bulgarian has a hospital press release naming Sara Netanyahu as a patient, that is not a “rumor.” It’s strong circumstantial evidence. Which when combined with other supporting evidence, creates a convincing argument. Again, it’s an argument you don’t like. But that doesn’t make it any less of an argument.

      I despise this family

      Oh please, that’s arrant nonsense. I’m guessing you just don’t like a non-Israeli reporting this story. It embarrasses Israel. If an Israeli journalist did it, you’d eat it up. Either that or you’re a liar and don’t hate them, which isn’t beyond the realm of possibility. That comment is an attempt to deflect from the fact that’s it’s me and my reporting you have a problem with–and you’re try to claim objectivity regarind my reporting by claiming you hate them.

      owe them an apology in this case.

      Not a chance in hell. I’ll offer them an apology when that shyster family offers the Israeli nation an apology for 20 years of thievery and dysfunction. BTW, no one who hates the Netanyahus as much as you claim would tell me I needed to apologize to them. But someone who was lying about hating them and seeking to make me look bad would demand an apology on their behalf in a heartbeat.

      No more comments in this thread.

  3. Runs in the family …

    “I remember how we shouted ‘go home Yankee, go home!’ at Kissinger when he came to visit,” said Ben Artzi, referring to the US secretary of state who had been pressuring Israel to return some of the territories it recently had won.

    1. Sorry my bad … read intro – original news report since deleted – and main article. You had already found cached version.

  4. “It would be quite easy for her to obtain a passport under a fictious name and register with the hospital under that name”.

    If that were the case, isn’t it more likely that she would have appeared in the Bulgarian article as Mrs Jane Doe rather than Sara Ben Artzi Netanyahu?

    1. @ Eli: No, because registering in the hospital under a fictitious name does NOT mean the hospital administration would not know her real name or identity. They would keep her identity secret to hospital staff. But the administration and perhaps her doctors might know her real identity. But nurses and other staff would not know. Though of course rumors in such cases do spread like wild fire.

      Also, see my response to Vered, who raises a similar claim to yours.

  5. As a devout member of the ‘Rak Loh Bibi’ community, I’m sorry to argue that the Viennese hospital story does not hold water. It is highly unlikely that a major hospital would expose itself to a lawsuite for breach of patient confidentiality, not to mention that of a high ranking patient

    1. @ Vered: I don’t give a fig whether you’re for Bibi or against him. The fact that you are making an argument in his favor shows what your real beliefs are. BTW, you are the 2nd Israeli who did exactly the same thing as you. So don’t think that such a claim about your views of Bibi has any validity.

      You don’t know who breached her confidentiality. It could have been an outside PR consultant who produced press releases like the one used by the Bulgarian reporter. That would not be the fault of the hosptial. Not to mention it’s quite easy for reporters to find out where a celebrity is being treated. Even when the celebrities don’t wish to be idientified. News that a hospital is treating such a patient spreads like wild fire among staff. All it takes is paying a hospital registrar, nurse or any other underpaid staff member for the information.

      Second, you’ve put the cart before the horse. I have a credible media source reporting she was a patient based on a document produced by the hospital. Not to mention Bibi himself said she had an appendectomy in Vienna. Perhaps he erred in saying it. But he said it in a court of law and under oath. So we must presume he spoke the truth as he knew it.

      That means I don’t need to offer any more evidence to prove my claim. But you need to offer real evidence of yours. You need to prove she wasn’t a patient there. And I’ve offered a number of ways you or Sara can do that. But neither of you have done so. That discredits your argument.

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