8 thoughts on “Hindutva Hate and Judeo-Hate: Eating Fruit of the Same Poisonous Tree – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There are seven million Jews living in Israel, but only 40,000 of them came to Jerusalem on Flag Day, and only a small number of those 40,000 parade goers were cursing, abusing or assaulting Arabs that day.

    So, maybe 00.00002% of the Jewish population participated in those disgusting displays of hate that day.

    Let’s keep in real.

    1. And did the 99.99998% , hell did even 10% of the rest of the population speak out against this display of hate ? No they did not, as this march of hate was officially authorised and encouraged by the Israeli authorities against the wishes of those that live in the neighbourhood.

    2. like all israeli explanation let’s get the least important common denominator in order to minimize the infection, it only takes one virus to cause a pandemic , so no forget percentages
      Richard, no harm will ever come to the mosque, that’s a given
      the religious greed , that was unleashed by sharon shall go on until by force of nature israel will become a single country for all with all the troubles that that will cause,
      arabs are going nowhere and eventually even the u.s. will face the apartheid reality.
      only of late has the world grown conscient of the growth of nationalism across the globe, too bad that they did not notice that it has been israeli policy for decades under the veneer of ‘THE ONLY DEMOCRACY IN THE MIDDLE EAST” , modi, bolsinaro and the rest just made cruder and rudder and more obvious. again it takes one virus to cause a pandemic, sigh

    3. @ Judah: Let’s offer a few corrections.

      here are seven million Jews living in Israel

      No there are 8.4-million (unlike you, I checked).

      only 40,000 of them came to Jerusalem on Flag Day

      And no, actually Israeli media reported there were 70,000, almost twice as many as you stated. But who’s counting?

      only a small number of those 40,000 parade goers were cursing, abusing or assaulting Arabs that day.

      And no, in fact there were tens of thousands who did so. Watch the pictures and videos I featured in my earlier post about Jerusalem Day.

      The “holiday” is known for striking terror into Palestinian residents of the city. If you were Palestinian and locked yourself in to your Jerusalem home and heard chants of thousands of thugs calling for genocide against you, your family, and your entire people, would you minimize it and say “well, it’s only a small number of Israeli Jews who are like that?” Of course you wouldn’t. You hate every last one of them. And for good reason. Of course, you might know there are some good ones. But you would also undertand the country is not run by “the good ones.” It is, in fact run by a government which approved this pogrom and by a national police force which did nothing except provide security for the thugs themselves.

      maybe 00.00002% of the Jewish population participated

      It doesn’t matter whether there 10 0r 100 0or 70,000 there. What matters is who has power, who sets the national agenda. And it’s these thugs and their political allies who do. So don’t try to get away with percentages and numbers. It’s irrelevant.

      This was your last comment in this thread.

      1. besides Richard, I would go so far as to say that a large percentage of the Israeli Jews share the hate/racism/ideas of what was chanted by the filth on West-Jerusalem day…in fact; I reckon hundreds of thousands of them, the cancer has set in a long time ago and has metastasized ever since

    4. jerusalem – such a beautiful city
      now it is ugly, unruly and not a place to visit,
      it is divided in 3 parts – arabs , jewish, and the rich, neither shall mingle
      the religious sector is prevalent with their famous lack of manners, respect towards anyone not them has made any visit a very scary endeavor, specially the old city, already a tiny land parcel scarred by obtrusive unending and very expensive to visit by the ruled and regulated by orthodox leaning organizations that dont look with nice eyes at others than them. further the continuous state of alert to avoid getting residual spit as young and old spit upon anyone not them. if not being mobbed by altruistic self proclaimed rabbis offering prayers for some shekels. further all areas that used to be able to sit and take a view of the wall were removed, and on and on. so why would anyone in his sane mind visit jerusalem. of course jared and ivanka may under escort with a wall to wall body guards protection which is not available to any single old folk trying to enjoy the site

  2. [comment deleted: off topic. I have given you many opportunities to respect the rules. Because I want to bend over backwards to permit right-wing apologists like you to have your say. But not to have your say when means riding roughshod over simple rules like confining your comment directly to the topic, and not straying into topics that have nothing to do with the subject. You have either deliberately or unknowingly ignored them. Your next one is your last one here.]

  3. France, UK and US are also following India and Israel in persecuting Muslims and Islam.

    Today the UK sacked the government advisor Qari Asim because he led the protests against a sectarian film called Lady of Heaven. They claimed he supported anti-shia hatred which is just an excuse because they want Islam to be mocked and humiliated openly. They say attacking Islam is freedom of speech and blasphemy is allowed.

    Same in France, the French government support Charlie Hebdo, blasphemy was supported. Now Sweden is saying Muslims cannot integrate and multiculturalism failed. Trump was anti-Muslim demagogue.

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