5 thoughts on “Almog, Once Sought for War Crimes, Named Jewish Agency Head – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Almog served as chief of the IDF’s Southern Command from 2000-2002, which includes Gaza. He was accused of war crimes, including depopulating a Gaza “buffer zone“.

    To be clear, Almog was responsible for putting down the 2000-2005 Second Intifada, wherein 1000 Israeli civilians died as the result of Hamas suicide bombings and other acts of terrorism.

    I’m sure you remember the suicide bombing at the Park Hotel in Netanya, where a Palestinian waiter put on a suicide vest and murdered 29 Jewish retirees seated at a Passover seder.

    BTW. The “buffer zone” was required in order to separate Palestinian gunmen from the 8,000 Jewish settlers also living in Gaza at that time.

    Richard. How many human rights lawyers have petitioned English courts in order to obtain arrest warrants for Palestinians who committed war crimes against Israeli citizens during the Second Intifada?

    War crimes, like the Passover Massacre?

    1. @ Judah: This comment is off-topic. I define that term very precisely and you must as well if you wish to continue commenting here. That means your comment must be directly related to the post subject. In other words, dragging extraneous topics (as I define them, not how you do) is not permitted. Again, the terms are mine and you are expected to follow them. If you don’t like or agree with these terms, don’t comment. If you can manage to do so, you may comment here.

      I have not deleted your comment as I do with other off topic comments because I wanted to point out grave omissions and fallacies of your own comment.

      To be clear, Almog was responsible for putting down the 2000-2005 Second Intifada,

      So let’s start with your first error. Almog left army service in 2003. So he was not “responsible for putting down the Second Intifada” after 2003. I expect precision and accuracy from commenters including you.

      Another practice I expect commenters to follow: if you present a claim, I expect a source to document it. Wikipedia does confirm the number of Israeli deaths during that period. But I expect YOU to offer such a source, and not make me hunt for it.

      Next, you omit that 3,000 Palestinians died during the Second Intifada. 3 times as many as Israeli deaths. Generally that number is 20 to 1. It was closer to parity then because Hamas was engaged in an intense terror campaign, which it no longer is. Now, Israel and its repeated invasions of Gaza have made the gap much larger.

      Why would you omit that far more Palestiians are killed? Well, we can guess that you don’t give a crap about Palestinian dead (certainly true). We can also assume that it is inconvenient to your argument. That means that you are arguing in bad faith. Having a bias as you do, does not discredit your argument as long as you include or explain weaknesses in your argument. It is inconvenient and does require a bit more thinking regarding how you structure your argument. But if you don’t do it you’re either lazy or disinguous (or both).

      As for your examples of Palestinian terror attacks, for every one I can offer 10 Israeli attacks which killed innocent Palestinians civilians. YOu’ve done what I call “terror porn.” It’s again a weak and lazy argument because it refuses to acknowledge that the other side can not only match your porn, but can trump you with far more examples if they wished. But I find terror porn completely unpersuasive and even offensive. You have a dead baby, I have 10. Big deal. Two can play this game and for every high card you play I have a higher one. But I don’t want to play that game and don’t permit you to here either.

      The “buffer zone” was required

      The buffer zone was not required. It served no useful purpose, other than creating further misery among Gazans. The same is true of the Aparteid Wall, whose ostensible purpose was to prevent terror attacks. The Wall was never finished, and anyone can see after recent terror attacks in Israel, that the Wall is so porous that Palestinians easily surmount it. Again, the Wall is a land grab designed to expand Israeli territory and to frustrate Palestiians and further steal what little territory they would have for a state of their own. That was, and has been since the primary goal of Israeli policy.

      Not to mention, why were there 8,000 Settlers there? THeir presence was not only provocative. It was a deliberate strategy to get in the face of Palestinians and tell them that Jews own everything and that Palestinians only remained in Gaza at the sufferance of Israel. Ariel Sharon, a leader of a right wing government with no sympathy for Palestinians, forced them to evacuate because they served no useful national purpose.

      As for petitioning to arrest Palestinians for war crimes, you’d have to ask the thousands of lawyers on Israeli state payroll, including those who shill for it outside Israel. Why don’t you ask Hasbara Central why Israel doesn’t adopt that strategy? One reason is that Israel would be laughed out of the box, given that the world is far more outraged by Israeli terror attacks, which are far more devastating and lethal than Palestinian. But hey, that shouldn’t stop you from trying it. Finally, it’s not my job to tell Israel how to pursue its own propaganda campaigns. That’s your job.

      Finally, do not comment further in this thread. And remember not to stray from the post topic in future. Doing so will cause me to moderate you.

    2. It’s “funny” that to justify the buffer zone you link to an attack where the perpetrator came from the West Bank. How come I get the idea you don’t know what you’re talking about …

  2. Mr. Silverstein, you’re dissecting semantics. Let’s start at the beginning.
    Does any Israeli who has served can say they have clean hands?
    This guy got a plum citation, what about bibi, and air force jet pilot Mr Benett himself, he was actually the guy with the finger on the trigger. Is he any more cleaner is his job a better plum.
    There are too many of them to point fingers at.
    What about the still unnamed soldier who shot the Palestinian journalist standing under a tree.
    What most surprising is that the only woman in the bunch was supposed to be a terrorist.

  3. [comment deleted: No comments are permitted on my editorial decisions. Don’t like or agree with them, too bad. You have a choice whether to be here or not.]

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