5 thoughts on “Reddit: Front Page of the Internet, Censors Its Back Pages – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It would be nice to have link to the original comments and photo for which you suffered the censorship. Otherwise, it is hard to know what exactly robbed anyone the wrong way.
    The photo you mentioned, how explicit was it? Some pictures should come with a warning.

    1. The photo you mentioned, how explicit was it? Some pictures should come with a warning.

      @ Dan Lev: How explicit was the Facebook photo? It was a picture of a young Palestinian couple cradling their little boy in their arms. He was dead. That was the only thing “objectionable” about the photo. You see, you can’t post photos that are too sympathetic to Palestinians. Especially when they’re being massacred by Israel. And no, the child was not mangled or bloody in any way, so as not to offend the squeamish. Simply a dead boy and 2 grieving parents. Troubling content too disturbing for the naked eye of the FB user to see. You see?

      Yesterday, I spent an hour trying to locate the photo in my Facebook timeline. I gave up at a certain point. But when you decided you couldn’t trust my description of the photo I tried again using a different method and found both the original image and the FB “sensitive content” warning. They now display in the post.

      I linked in this post to an earlier post I wrote which offered screenshots to most of the Reddit comments which the Admin flagged. Find that link in this post and follow it to the other, earlier one. I didn’t want this post to be overloaded with screenshots as the earlier one was.

      1. The dead children in the picture Richard posted may well have been killed by an errant Hamas rocket that fell short and landed in Gaza.

        “Human Rights Watch also determined that a Palestinian rocket that misfired killed seven people in Jabalya in the Gaza Strip on May 10. Human Rights Watch based this finding on witness interviews, site visits, an inspection of rocket remnants, and a review of video footage.”

        The picture Richard posted is dated May 10/11.


        So it remains inconclusive whether Israeli or Hamas weapons killed the the children in the picture.

        “There was no hope on earth, and God seemed to have forgotten us. Some said they saw the Son of God; others did not see Him. If He had come, He would do some great things as He had done before. We doubted it because we had seen neither Him nor His works.”
        ― Red Cloud

        1. @ Shelly: I find your comment offensive and dismissive of Palestinian suffering. The worst part of it is that it stems from an effort to relieve Israel of moral responsibility for its horrendous slaughter of Palestinian innocents. Israel killed 250 Palestinians last May, mostly women and children. For you to claim that Hamas killed these 2 children is beyond offensive. I’ve heard a lot of s* from people like you here. And I can’t say yours is the most offensive and insensitive. But it’s right up there.

          Not to mention that your comment was completely off-topic. I was not talking here about who killed the children. I was talking about Facebook’s censorship of the image itself. Of course, the impulse to censor is an attempt to protect Israel from blame. But the censorship itself was the issue. Not who killed the children.

          I am not paying special attention to your comments. Post a comment like this again and you will face moderation.

          1. [comment deleted: I should have told you not to comment further in this thread. There was nothing further to discuss. Do not comment again in this thread.]

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