16 thoughts on “Zelensky Addresses Israeli Knesset… Sort of – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1.  Israel’s hypocrisy about exploiting the Holocaust to promote its own political interests is unsurpassed.

    Particularly, regarding this “business” that Putin is selling about denazification. Israel’s leaders should be loud and clear about calling out that malicious lie/propaganda.
    Israel is so disappointing. It’s a shining example of a country that started out so idealistically, crying out to this day “never again” that has lost its way. The country has become self-interested mainly or only in a global world that it expects a lot from including legitimization and respect. The “Jewish state” is compromised and corrupted also because of its culture of greed and hate that overpowers an original idealism.
    Israel cannot help protect Ukraine because, at bottom, it has a forever war against Palestinians.

    (Thank you)

  2. 129 Israeli MKs and Cabinet Ministers listened to Zelensky, with the exception of the Joint List MKs who boycotted the speech to protest Ukraine being too pro-Israel.

    Funny how Richard omits the fact the Joint List’s Israeli Arabs are the least supportive of Ukraine.

    Anyway, Zelensky’s speech was broadcast in Tel Aviv’s Habima Square and attended by several hundred people, including Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai and broadcast over all Israel’s news channels as well.

    Zelensky, who has repeatedly praised Naphtali Bennett for Bennett’s extraordinary efforts to mediate, seems to be more understanding of Israel’s position than Richard is, and I quote:
    “Of course, Israel has its interests, strategy to protect its citizens. We understand all of it,” said Zelensky, seated at a desk in his trademark khaki T-shirt.”

    Oh, BTW, Richard, you criticize Israel for not giving Ukraine the Iron Dome, but reserve criticism of the United States for her failure to give Ukraine F-16 fighter jets (or MIGs).


    1. @ Stoney:

      129 Israeli MKs and Cabinet Ministers listened to Zelensky,

      You’re basing your claim on a statement by the Knesset itself, which has a vested interest in claiming this level of participation. I don’t trust the figure as far as I can throw it. Not to mention that 129 people dispersed all over Israel and not together in the Knesset itself, vastly diminished the impact on Israel itself. Instead of photos of all of the MKs sitting together and listening to Zelensky, there are no such images at all for newspapers & TV viewers. WHich is precisely what the Knesset & govt wanted.

      Richard omits the fact the Joint List’s Israeli Arabs are the least supportive of Ukraine.

      I am not responsible for the decisions of the Joint List. Don’t try to make me responsible. They are adults and can explain their decisions themselves without my help. But I will say that I’m entirely sympathetic to the views of Palestinian concerning Israeli hypocrisy in supporting Ukraine while giving Palestinians the shiv. If that was all the Joint List said in boycotting the speech, I would have no problems with it.

      Zelensky, who has repeatedly praised Naphtali Bennett

      Saying that Zelensky “praised” Bennett is the height of disingenuousness. Zelensky’s entire speech was a evisceration of Bennett’s approach. He didn’t say it explicitly, but didn’t have to. Everyone but you got the msg clearly. Bennett’s “efforts” are not extraordinary. They are hypocritical. They’re trying to make lemonade from a lemon and failing miserably. Not to mention the Ukrainian FM–who did explicitly shower with disdain Bennett’s two-facedness and shameful betrayal of Ukraine in his so-called mediation efforts.

      you criticize Israel for not giving Ukraine the Iron Dome, but reserve criticism of the United States for her failure to give Ukraine F-16 fighter jets

      As I made clear in my post (which you apparently didn’t read or conveniently neglected to mention), Iron Dome is a defensive weapon protecting civilians from Russian missiles, just as it does for Israeli civilians. F-16s are offensive weapons which would escalate hostilities far more than Iron Dome.

      Do not comment in thread again.

        1. @ Shelly: What military training school did you attend? Since when is a no fly zone defensive? Ask Putin whether he’d see a no fly zone over Ukraine as “defensive.” In fact, a no fly zone would escalate the conflict enormously because it would put NATO jets in the air facing Russian ones. Inevitably, there would be combat and losses on both sides, which brings us much closer to all-out conflict.

          Iron Dome protects a civilian population from Russian missiles. If you can’t see the difference between the 2 then you’re not working on all cylinders.

          You are done in this thread.

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  6. I don’t think Iron Dome is relevant to this kind of warfare. It capable of dealing with specific sort of small rockets and mortars.
    it also require a huge array of radars, nothing that can be sent and build in a short time.
    Where have you read it was asked by the Ukrainians?

  7. No Richard, Bennett did not push Zelensky to surrender to Putin.

    Mikhail Podolyak tweeted that Prime Minister Naftali Bennett did not urge Ukraine to agree to the Russian demands, as was reported Friday by two Hebrew-language outlets. (Walla)

    Bennett, Podolyak wrote, “just as other conditional intermediary countries, does NOT offer Ukraine to agree to any demands of the Russian Federation.

    “This is impossible for military & political reasons,” he added.


    1. @ Shelly: Yes, Bennett did push Zelensky to accept Russian demands. A Ukrainian official made this statement and I believe him:

      A Ukrainian government official has sharply criticised Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s efforts at mediating the crisis with Russia, claiming he urged President Volodymyr Zelensky to accept Vladimir Putin’s demands

      “When Bennett told him he should accept the Russian stance, Zelensky replied: ‘I heard you, thanks,'” the official said, adding that Bennett wants Ukraine to surrender.

      Bennett has proposed that we surrender,” the official told the Israeli news sites.

      “We have no intention of doing so. We know that Putin’s proposal is just the beginning.”

      The reports say that Israel has also asked that Ukraine cease its requests for military or defence assistance

      These are based on Israeli media reports by the way. I think you need to update your hasbara efforts. They’re clearly out of date.

      There is no way Naftali Bennett can be anything but Putin’s errand boy. So he certainly told Zelensky in so many words, to surrender.

      If you want to believe the trash journalism at TOI, be my guest.

      1. @Richard

        Unlike the Walla report, which cited an ‘unnamed official’, a named advisor to President Zelensky, named Mikhail Podolyak, issued his statement (vindicating Bennett) via Podolyak’s Twitter account.



        “When you are in doubt, be still, and wait; when doubt no longer exists for you, then go forward with courage.
        So long as mists envelop you, be still; be still until the sunlight pours through and dispels the mists
        — as it surely will. Then act with courage.”
        – Chief White Eagle, Ponca

  8. I read your article about Zelensky’s address to the Knesset with interest. However, I could not help but wonder why you brought up the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which, in the present context, seems totally irrelevant This uprising was a small and desperate attempt by the last few thousand of the hundreds of thousands in the Ghetto and a purely symbolic gesture with no chance of success. The Polish Underground did provide some weaponry, albeit limited in nature – it was hardly the eighth largest weapons exporter in the world!! There was little the Government in Exile could do – they couldn’t even meaningfully assist the “44 uprising. Also, why the onus on Poland – did not other countries have an obligation to help?

    1. @ Julia: You are a member of the Polish nationalist propaganda apparatus. There are unfortunately hundreds of you haunting social media and blogs like mine. Your job is to rewrite history according to what you nationalist anti-Semites (yes, there is no explicit anti-Semitism in your comment, but we know what underlies it) wish it had been. But that is falsifying truth and facts.

      Why would you describe the Uprising as a “purely symbolic gesture?” Do you think Ukraineians view their resistance as purely symbolic? Do you think any country or people fighting for its survival against tremendous odds is doing so as a “symbolic gesture?” As a Jew, I am deeply offended by such language.

      “No chance of success?” Do the Ukrainians have any chance of success? Does any rebellion happen because the fighters believe they must have a chance of success?

      Contrary to what you claim, the Polish underground provided almost nothing: a few pistols and some ammunition.

      Why the onus on Poland? Perhaps because these were Polish Jews rebelling against Nazis occupying Poland? Who would have a larger moral and political obligation to help if not Poles? UNless of course you don’t care whether Polish Jews live or die. Are you one of those?

      Educate yourself with facts and real history here.

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