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  1. Richard,

    You ban people here left right and centre.

    I really cannot fathom why you complain when others do the same to you. It is not as if you are not doing exactly the same thing?

    Do you think this is a punishment from G-d for your high handed ways? Maybe it is a sign that you should be more tolerant of different from your own views here, which you are not. You attacks supporters of Israel unfairly, accusing them of being agents of one sort or another.

    Incidentally, what do you mean Wikipedia has a pro-Israel bias? There are more antisemites in the world willing to bash Israel as a Jewish collective than there are Jews.

    Wikipedia has an anti-Israel bias.

    1. You ban people here left right and centre.’

      Richard may well do that. He’s been mean and hurtful to me.

      However, his site isn’t exactly one of the major public forums of the internet. It’s the distinction between you being allowed to say what you please in the town square and being allowed to say it in my living room.

      Come back when Richard has one hundred million visits a day. Then you’ll have a legitimate complaint.

    2. @ Tiff: This is so tiresome and tedious. The site rules here are clearly posted. I follow them when I moderate or ban someone. I usually explain specifically what caused them to be banned. And the person banned knows who banned them and why. None of this holds true regarding Reddit. The charges against me were clearly trumped up. There isn’t anything “harassing” or “threatening” in anything I posted on that site. And do I know who banned me? Do I know if that admin is accountable to anyone or their decisions are reviewed by anyone? No. So whether you get it or not, they’re entirely different situations.

      Do you think this is a punishment from G-d for your high handed ways?

      Now I think you’re a total idiot. Do you really think God punishes anyone for being “high handed?” I personally think God, if S/He exists, has much better things to do than worry about the so-called high handed. You’ll do me a favor and keep God and religion out of your comments.

      you should be more tolerant of different from your own views here, which you are not.

      In case you weren’t aware, this is a blog. It’s not even a social media platform like Reddit et al. It is my personal blog. I am allowed to be who and what I want to be here. I don’t have to be tolerant of anyone supporting injustice, apartheid, genocide, racism, Islamophobia, intolerance, etc. And I am not. And I’m proud of that. That doesn’t mean you can’t disagree with me. YOu certainly can and there have been thousands of hostile comments posted here.

      Wikipedia has a pro-Israel bias? There are more antisemites in the world willing to bash Israel as a Jewish collective than there are Jews.

      You’ve just won the anti-Semitism trifecta! Congratulations. You equated Israel and Jews. That’s what anti-Semites do. It’s what hard core ZIonists do. But they’re not the same. Don’t ever here confuse Jews and Israel.

      Wikipedia has an anti-Israel bias.

      You’re out of your mind. I’ve been familiar with Wikipedia and its outrageous biases on this subject for 20 years. If you’re a messianic Likudnik then of course Wikipedia is “anti-Israel.” It doesnt’ support Judeo-supermacist fascism, and that upsets you. I understand.

        1. @ Sasha: Cut the bullshit. You know there are rules here. I don’t do ANYTHING here on a whim. You just don’t like the rules and call them “whims.”

          You’re a creep. Banned. And “now you know what it feels like.”

  2. I don’t do reddit but use Wikipedia a lot and contribute because of that. It’s a boon! So sorry to hear about the so called pro Israel bias there and on Reddit. Keep on keeping on Richard. I don’t think Reddit is worth getting high blood pressure. Maybe it’s Wikipedia that should be called out more loudly. One wise person I knew said that you cannot convince anyone of something they don’t already know. There are similar sayings. But the facts need to be laid out as well as point of view connected. (Questions of morality) Thank you!

  3. Today, I received a notice that I was permanently banned from Reddit for a comment I posted at the r/Iranian sub two months ago.  Again, the sub itself nor its mods reported this comment at the time it was published or afterward.

    What did you say two months ago at r/Iranian sub that got you banned today?

  4. Being banned from Reddit is a real blow to your mission. But reading your post Reddit was a flawed system with uncontrolled mods all along.

  5. Labeling another reddit user, ‘an Israeli troll’, while urging users to excommunicate him is pretty serious.
    I’m surprised you don’t recognize what you’ve done.

    1. @Nate: OMG, calling someone a “troll” is a capital offense?? Really? “Excommunicate?” Since when are we excommunicating ppl? Is this the Catholic Church? Banning someone from a sub for being a troll happens thousands of times a day. Happened to me (not for being a troll). Happens to everyone on Reddit. Big deal. Get over yourself.

      No more comments in this thread.

  6. A news link I posted on reddit regarding Amnesty International and apartheid in Israel was promptly removed. When I searched for a reason I found myself in a post in /r/conspiracytheories where others were having the same issue. I’m not a regular on that sub as I’m not one for conspiracy theories.

    But a named popped up there (in the post I mentioned), someone sort of implied she could be related to the censoring of Amnesty International: Jessica Ashooh.


    I comment about her but my comment is not showing publicly (censorship?), at least I don’t see it unless logged in (If others can see it, feel free to let me know): https://ibb.co/xzMdTn8

    A quick search lead me to this link:

    I didn’t read all of it but apparently she’s Director of Policy at reddit. (Also, I don’t know how reliable is that website or the author of that news piece.)

    I don’t know whether she’s behind this or not. I don’t like conspiracies. I don’t know if she could be behind what happened to you, or may have promoted some policy regarding people critical of certain states.

    What I know is I never had issues before on reddit and all of a sudden some of my posts got slain for no apparent reason, and a comment I made about reddit’s directory of policy is visible in my feed but not publicly (tried different browsers, so I don’t think it’s a technical issue). So I’ll just leave this comment here, feel free to remove it if you like, won’t take it personally.

    1. I’d like to add I tried posting another link, this one from AJ, regarding the same subject. It was instantly banned.

      A search for “Israel” in /r/worldnews for 1 week of content showed no posts regarding this subject. Good news about Israel there’s plenty.

      Easy to see reddit’s worldnews is censoring content that doesn’t paint Israel in a good light.



  7. Good that you are no longer banned. I like to point out that the subreddit worldnews was deleting any reference or article about the Amnesty International report.

  8. “Do not treat others in ways that you would not like to be treated”.

    You don’t respect others’ freedom of speech (both here and in your reddit comment where you call to ban the other user because of a political disagreement), yet you are expecting others to respect your freedom of speech. I hope you see the ethical problem with your behavior.

    1. @ Ibe: Not at all. I suggested that the mods ban him from the r/Iranian sub because he posted comments attacking Iran. That’s not a political disagreement. That’s someone violating the rules of the sub.

      And yes, I expect Reddit admins to protect my freedom on the site as they did for the past 15 years without a hitch. I expect them to rein in rogue pro-Israel admins who take things into their own hands without regard to Reddit’s actual rules. I know this is hard for you to understand. But try a bit harder and perhaps it will come to you.

  9. I was just banned from Reddit for the comments against israel.

    I actively post on anything regarding israel and have been banned from many individual pages – for posting facts countering israeli propaganda.

    I routinely see the most vile hate speech against Arabs an Palestinians, routinely calling them all ‘terrorists’.

    The specific reason I was banned was for posting on a video on publicfreakout which showed extremist settlers camping in the lawn of a Palestinian family they were actively attacking and harassing.

    My comment was ‘gee…. israelis continuing to be pieces of human garbage in the name of religious supremacy’.

    This comment is absolutely mild compared to the anti Palestinian comments that are routinely made throughout Reddit.

    I have no doubt that those who frequent post criticism of israel are systematically targeted and banned.

  10. Stopping Social Medium Discrimination Against a Pro-Palestine User and Content

    I am trying to stop social medium discrimination against a pro-Palestine user and his content

    • by means of Title II of the Civil Rights Act and
    • by means of common carriage law

    as Justice Thomas proposed in Malwarebytes v. Enigma, 592 U. S. ____ (2020), Thomas J., respecting, No. 19–1284, Decided October 13, 2020.

    I am not arguing Title II discrimination against a Palestinian, an Arab, or a Muslim. In my case I am arguing Title II Zionism-incited antisemitic discrimination against me because I am a Diaspora Jew, who rejects Zionism.

    My situation is similar to Richard’s problem with Reddit, but Richard may not like my solution.

    My case is on the SCOTUS public docket.

    The body of the petition goes from bottom of p. 16 to top of p. 29. I think the petition works, but SCOTUS will be the final arbiter.

    The appendix is abbreviated and is 10 pages long. There is enough to understand the basis of my petition.

    I sympathize with clerk that would have had to scan in all 226 pages. SCOTUS should allow a non-attorney filer to use SCOTUS’ e-filing system.

    1. I  consider grant of cert to be unlikely and am appealing in parallel to the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit.

      The Court of Appeals set the schedule for Twitter and Medium each to file an appellee’s brief. They will be filed by Mar 25.

      The briefs will be interesting because the issue is abuse of discretion, and the district court made a serious error in legal reasoning in the order that dismissed the original complaint.

      I am not concerned about besting Twitter’s legal counsel because I seem able to intimidate him fairly easily. I understand Internet technology. He doesn’t. 

      Medium seems to have hired a real legal gunslinger.

      Sarah P. Kelly is the Chair of the Nutter Litigation Department in Boston

      Twitter and Medium may understand something I don’t.

      The 1st Circuit Court of Appeals has not bought into the insanity of the Communications Decency Act caselaw that the 4th and 9th Circuit Courts of Appeals have created. The judges of the 1st Circuit Court of Appeals seem to have actually read the statute.

      The issues of the case are propositional logic, civil rights law, and common carriage law. I probably outgun the defense with respect to the first and third areas. I have been involved in a case that involved denial of common carriage. Such a case is rare. It’s too easy for a plaintiff to prevail in a case that arises from denial of common carriage. Neither I nor any of the attorneys have much experience with civil rights law, but I can probably out-argue them in semantics.

      So why might Richard not like the result if I prevail?

      An independent blog like Tikun Olam fits the model of an Interactive Computer Service, whose service intrinisically uses common carriage unless the blog uses a genuine “letters to the editor” model, in which all comments are sent to the blog editor, who decides what to publish.

      1. An independent blog might be able to escape common carrier status if it can’t be considered to provide

        1. common carriage for a fee or
        2. common carriage for work.

        In the first case the blog would be charging.

        In the 2nd case the blog would be monetizing eyes on a page in some way.

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