8 thoughts on “Twitter Relents – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I don’t know — I think I liked you better when you were suspended, Richard. You had more of a fighting spirit in you. 😛

    Now you’re all happy and ready to turn the aircraft carrier around for your mission accomplished moment…

    Well, I hope you learned some lessons to teach the Palestinians in jails out of the experience. I’m sure they need to learn how to overcome massive censorship in a bureaucratic system.

    1. @ Arik: Because the block was removed the minute Ali received a message from Twitter acknowledging his inquiry. It’s amazing what you hasbaroids want to quibble over. And because he’s done this sort of thing before and it worked then.

  2. ‘I’ll bet if 1,000 users reported a Twitter account for a picture of a ham sandwich it would be suspended.’

    Of course it would be. A ham sandwich is a dog whistle for anti-semitism. Everyone knows that.

  3. Anyway, back on Twitter or no, if it were me, I’d find myself thinking twice before I posted anything equivalent to what I had once assumed were perfectly legitimate remarks.

    So Hasbara still wins. If you haven’t been completely muzzled, maybe you’ve got a bark collar on now. Score it Hasbara five, Richard two instead of Hasbara twelve, Richard zero.

  4. I think you must be mistaken about Twitter practising censorship. For example, this is apparently quite alright.

    ‘“If you’re a white woman and are currently pregnant with a white baby boy.. do us all a favor and take a trip to planned parenthood.”

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