12 thoughts on “Attacks on Israeli Police May Destroy Prosecution Case Against Netanyahu – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Interesting post! First, important to note that in Israel there is no “fruit of the poisoned tree” restriction. Even illegally obtained evidence can be used.

    This whole leak is backfiring badly on Netanyahu. If at first everybody was accusing the police of undemocratic behavior, now people suddenly remember who was in charge when all this happened. Demand is increasing to create a commission of inquiry to look into not only Netanyahu’s trial but all use of these tools by the police and others. Suddenly Bibi’s cohorts are against going into these murky waters.

    People are also remembering about how the “Iranians” broke into Gant’s phone. Who were these “Iranians”? Bibi’s sidekicks perhaps?

    People also note that Bibi does not have a smartphone. It was always a riddle why he didn’t have one, and now people thing they know the reason.

    The report as published seems to be inaccurate. The next witness to be heard in Bibi’s trial is Filber, and his telephone was tapped before he was interrogated for the Bibi investigation. That tapping was authorized by a judge as required. Right now it loks like Filber’s testimony will go ahead. Right now it looks like the trial will go ahead.

  2. Spying on Bibi’s son, Yair, AND spying on Bibi’s political foes?
    Sounds to me like former Police Commander Roni Alsheikh went rogue.

    1. @Nate: You got two things wrong. The police spied on Avner, not Yair. And the vast majority, if not all the targets were either future or potential witnesses in the trial or officials viewed as enemies of the police. If they wanted to target Bibi’s allies they would have spied on Opposition figures like Lapid, Bennett or Gantz.

      As for “going rogue,” if the police went rogue they had a terrific model to follow: Netanyahu himself, not to mention the Likud and virtually the entire state. Israel is a rogue state.

  3. if bibi was bad, seems that benett is even ugkier
    he has swallowed hook line and sinker thse bs report of the police investigating itself
    he has stop any commission from being formed
    the question to be raised is what does the police have on hin rhat it tooj\k 72 hours for the whole story to go boom

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