7 thoughts on “Israeli Police Use NSO’s Pegasus Spyware to Hack Israelis Without Warrant – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Richard said:

    “They included government employees and LGBT activists after the murder of young girl attending a Pride march ”

    In fact, anti-LGBT activists were hacked.

    “The police also seem to have used Pegasus for general intelligence collecting, such as using it to spy on potentially violent anti-LGBTQ activists after the 2015 murder of a young girl at Jerusalem’s Pride Parade.”


    C’mon Richard.

    1. @ Nate Depp:

      Hasbara 101: avoid attempting to rebut the major argument offered by your opponent. That’s often a losing proposition. Instead, focus on minor discrepancies or errors which [you hope] will raise doubts in readers about the overall credibility of the argument offered. A losing proposition as well.

      It’s a cheap trick. I will review the sources I used in writing the article.

      1. I haven’t attempted to rebut anything, because I think this abuse of police power is scandalous.

        I agree with Yankel’s comment, below, adding that Israeli apathy will only make this bad situation worse.

        Trust me. I won’t bother fact checking you again.

        1. @ Nate Depp: Just to be clear, I don’t mind fact-checking. In fact, I welcome it & people have pointed out such errors in the past (thankfully, not too many!). I just don’t like gotcha fact-checking (ie “I caught you out making an mistake–nah, nah”). That posturing annoys me.

          BTW, I did correct my error and thank you for pointing it out.

  2. It already has been placed on a US black list which prevents all US financial institutions from funding any corporate transactions.

    This I am uncomfortable with this part. It smacks of hypocrisy and double standards by the powers that be that single out Pegasus.

    Facebook and Twitter, and other social media giants harvest data on US citizens. Is there anyone here that doesn’t believe that CIA have access to this data? I certainly believe the CIA uses data from social media firms for mass surveillance. Singling out Israel like this over Pegasus is unfair.

    1. @ Anupam: Before calling out anyone else, you might want to explain why your Hindutva pal, Narendra Modi bought Pegasus to spy on his political opponents. Explain to me the secrets he exposed from the victims privacy rights and why he had any right to do this?

      As for Facebook et al.: of course the amount of personal data it collects is unconscionable. And I support the regulation of what are in effect public utilities.

      However in a strict sense, users have given permission for this data to be collected. These users may not realize they’ve given this permission. But by using the platform, they have done so. They’re entitled to stop using the platofm and the data collection will stop.

      So your argument doesn’t hold up. But it was a nice try.

      The CIA doesn’t need to harvest social media platofm data. They have the NSA to do that for them. And the NSA compiles far more data and is far more intrusive, according to Edward Snowden.

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