12 thoughts on “Trump May Be an Anti-Semite, But He’s Right About the Lobby – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. If Trump is an anti-semite how come he hasn’t disowned Ivanka Trump for converting to Judaism?

    He has huge support and there is a good chance he may run and win the Presidency again.

    What if he sues you for accusing him of anti-semitism?

    1. @ Lenna: Jared and Ivanka are Orthodox Jews. These are the “good Jews” in Trumps book because they support him. The rest of us are the “bad Jews.”

      Trump has huge support? Where? He lost the last election by 7 million votes. There is NO chance he will win the presidency again. Not ever.

      Trump sue me for accusing him of anti-Semitism? A charge made against him by thousands of political analysts, newspaper columnists, editorial writers and Democratic politicians? He should line us all up and sue us all. That should last him the rest of his life and into his Next Life, in which I hope he will be a poor beggar on the streets of Kolkata.

    1. Being “clever” or serious?
      No one with even a half-sane mind could like Dump. He’s a sociopath yet unleashed fully. Who with even half a sane mind likes sociopaths?

  2. Maybe Trump was right, that Israel once had a great influence on Congress, but that was well in the past.

    And maybe, Trump, neither Statesman nor historian, doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    Richard. What Republican do you see running against Biden in 2024?
    And, can we can assume that there will be Democrats running against Biden in the 2024 primary?

    1.  had a great influence on Congress — who is blocking the president israel ambassador nominee and his reason? to not open an east jerusalem office. hmmmmmm where did i hear that before, hmm benett? gantz?
      you seem to forget ISRAEL MONEY POWER, you seem to forget ben and jerry and unilever how long ago? and for whatS?s
      no israel has more power than oil carbon tobacco car and steel power put together. when israel sneezes the floor trmbles in congress

      1. @nessim dayan

        State governments passed laws prohibiting that government from doing business with entities that boycott America’s ally, Israel.

        Similar laws already on the books prohibit State governments from doing business with entities that discriminate against minorities and women. All fair and aboveboard.

        So if Unilever broke those laws, than those State governments would then obey their laws and divest from Unilever for their part in the boycott.

        Seems fair and aboveboard to me.

  3. This is proof that Reform Judaism is a different religion.

    Like Christianity Its a Religion which started from Judaism and then went in a different direction.

    The Reform religion has no believers in Israel, (very small nombers) because this religion does not believe Jews should return to Israel.
    as Christians do, they believe in a peaceful world with white doves (something like beauty queens use to say in the beauty queens competition)…

    So when Trump said that jews in states don’t like him but jews in Israel like him it doesn’t means he is anti semi, it means that he doesn’t like the Reform religion believers 

    1. @ moshe zuchmir:

      The Reform religion has no believers in Israel, (very small numbers) because this religion does not believe Jews should return to Israel.

      I don’t know if you’re lying deliberately or simply ignorant. But Reform Judaism has 40 synagogues and tens of thousands of followers in Israel. It was founded there 50 yrs ago. And it certainly believes in aliyah or it wouldn’t have an ever expanding number of communities and followers.

      You are profoundly ignorant, shamefully so. And you’re spreading lies about Reform Judaism.

  4. I agree with the political analysis. Having said that, I also feel there has to be a personality component: trump is somewhat of an extrovert / uninhibited bragging fool and is therefore expected to say toxic and inflammatory things when given the opportunity. Ironically, trump, who has expressed a parasitic behaviour during his rise to power, is now serving as a stepping stone for others to pursue their agenda.

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