9 thoughts on “Israel Assassinates Former Syrian Legislator in Golan – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. No one will raise their voices as they are all terrorists. Israel is our great ally, our drone attacks can be executed with impunity. Protection of forces Agreement, the ICC is not meant for us. Our wars are in defense and for our national security, Middle East in chaos. We’ll add crippling sanctions where military might fails. On Yemen we proudly stay quiet. 

    Biden and Blinken just celebrated the anniversary of Trump/Pompeo Abraham Accords … just saying.

  2. Actually, the Palestinians did assassinate an ex Minister of Knesset, Rehavam Ze’evi in 2001.

    Richard. How did you forget that?

    1. <a href=”https://www.richardsilverstein.com/2006/03/14/israeli-jail-incursion-to-arrest-palestinians-hell-to-pay/”>Israeli Jail Incursion to Arrest Palestinians: Hell to Pay?</a>

    2. @ Ben G: I didn’t forget it. I considered adding it. But the circumstances in which he was murdered were different than the scenario I’m talking about. He was deliberately provocative, almost daring Palestinians. And he was also murdered in East Jerusalem. The scenario I envision is an Israeli traveling abroad who might be targeted.

  3. The Golan Heights were conquered in 1967 (not in 1973), it was actually one of the main reasons for the war initiated by the State of Israel.
    Cf. “The General’s Words Shed New Light on the Golan” or something like that in the New York Times where an interview with Moshe Dayan is referred to: the Israeli farmers wanted more land, so the Israeli army provoked incidents on the armistice line which they then used as an excuse to invade Syria.

  4. dare i raise my two pennies again
    Israel Money Power, again, backed and protected by the likes of China, White house, Congress, Addelson etc. etcetera etcetera.
    iran could take a no one from its country and make him a covert 007 for one mission, it is feasible.
    as far as why not, every single group of known hizbollah or irani individual is closely watched by multiple security agencies the world over. therefore only an unknown may succeed. except the teaching training has to be done in a land far far away from the centers of power to succeed. same like bin ladin did

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