13 thoughts on “ישראל הפציצה את ביירות – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Two stories about Israeli “booby-trapped drones” … we can choose through which window the drone enters a building … highly accurate.

    Israeli source says that a booby-trapped drone crashed and exploded at the top-secret Israeli airbase Sdot Micha (2012)

    Israeli drone crashes ‘a violation of sovereignty’, says Prime Minister Saad Hariri | The National – Aug. 2019 |

    Hezbollah did retaliate.

    A month later …

    Lebanese newspaper Al-Diyar reported Sunday, September 15 that 230 Israeli-backed agents entered into Lebanon in the past four months. The agents, American nationals of Lebanese descent, came into the country on U.S. passports.

  2. A characteristically shrewd and incisive analysis, written in excellent Hebrew (for one who appears to have lived for a year only in Israel, and that a quarter of a century ago at least). Alas it is unlikely to cut much ice with your deluded Israeli readers et hoc genus.

    1. @ Dmr: I should have preceded the Hebrew post with an explanation: though I speak, read and write Hebrew, this post was translated by a native-speaking Israeli. I did not write the Hebrew version.

  3. Until today I have always received your English language email, today I got Hebrew. Please resend the English. thanks

  4. Please resend this email if possible in English as I don’t speak or can read in Hebrew or Arabic. Many Thanks

  5. I liked the use of Israeli Hebrew, a statement of “I know this thing, Israeli government, and I’m going to explain it in the language you spoke from childhood, or were forced to learn when the USSR imploded and you moved to Tel-Aviv.” As for the incident itself, ammonium nitrate explosions at ports have happened before, such as the 1947 “SS Grandcamp” explosion, where an old Liberty ship-turned-civilian freighter was loading up on ammonium nitrate fertilizer bound for occupied Europe on a very hot April 16th in the port of Texas City, TX. The blast wiped out every member of the fire department on site who were fighting the cargo-hold blaze (one man was off-duty), set a nearby plastics plant on fire, and blew the ship’s anchor a mile inland. Fire departments from as far away as California had to be called in to deal with the inferno.

    If the Israelis were somehow involved in the Beirut explosion, they have once again dishonored themselves for no real long-term gain.

  6. Quite interesting … smoking in the hold after fertilizer produced by Iowa and Nebraska Ordnance plant was loaded on board of the S.S. Grand Camp. A French company had stockpiled the fertilizer in a warehouse and two more vessels had taken on a cargo of fertilizer.

    For good measure, once the fire started in the hold, and extinguishing deemed impossible, the captain ordered the crew and workers to leave the hold. For good measure, the cargo of munitions was separated.

    In the warehouse a large volume of AN was found in the debris and had remained intact. (??)

    A day later the S.S. High Flyer exploded …

    Report by Board of Investigations US Coast Guard – Galveston, Tx

  7. @Richard

    Fireworks and hydrocarbons, but no munitions.

    “Vapor from paint thinners can ignite in the air and cause fires in unventilated, hot conditions. Fuel may also have been stored there.”

    Lt. Michel el Murr, head of search and rescue for the Lebanese fire crew, said teams searching the site have also found evidence of fireworks and hydrocarbons, but there was no sign of munitions.


    1. @ Scarabian: A fireman is not an expert in forensic investigation of explosions nor does this individual have any basis for making such a claim. I’ve published several posts offering stories from major news outlets contradicting him, and these reports are based on statements by Israeli officials and Lebanese intelligence officials. Far more persuasive than your fireman.

  8. How come for two weeks no Lebanese politician,including Nasrallah up til now, blamed everybody but Israel on the explosion? The Hebrew account allows for the possibility that Israel wasn’t aware of the fertilizer stockpile yet then calls such an attack on suspected Hezbollah munitions target a war crime.

    1. @ tom ackerman: Read all my six posts on this subject and you will see that both Pres. Aoun and Nasrallah have conceded that a “foreign actor” or Israel itself may have caused the attack.

      My post says that Israel may not have been aware of the fertilizer but it says that Israel caused the initial explosion, which led directly to the utter devastation of most of Beirut. So whether Israel knew or not it has committed a war crime. If I deliberately attack someone and it leads to their murder I’m guilty of murder, even though I didn’t pull the trigger.

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