8 thoughts on “As Covid19 Rears Ugly Head Once Again in Israel, Massive Violent Protests Call for Netanyahu Resignation – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Jael R.:

      So about Iran you “merely report”

      This is a blatant misrepresentation of what I wrote. I warn you I do not permit anyone to misrepresent to distort my words. Here is the fully passage I wrote about the Iran-China deal:

      I have not “glorified” anything. I’ve merely reported that the agreement exists and analyzed its repercussions. If you don’t like them that’s not my problem–it’s yours.

      I did not say when I write about Iran I “merely report.” I said that in this particular post I was “reporting” the nature of the deal. In fact, I have often and regularly criticized Iran concerning the policies with which I disagree.

      about Israel you take the time to add an opinion and sparkling prophecies.

      You seem to forget the purpose of this blog: it is not specifically dedicated to Iran, but to Israel. So yes, I do take the time to “add an opinion” to my posts on this subject. Don’t like it? Tough shit.

      It is not OK to pretend to be objective and “merely report”.

      I have never pretended to be objective. I am not objective. Journalists in general are not objective, however they may strive to be. But on the other hand, my opinions are all based on facts, sources, evidence and historical analysis. Which is more than I can say for your ilk.

      Don’t post again in this thread.

  1. smoke screen, the main feature is the budget, if it is not approved by aug 31 or thereabout the knesset is disolved Gantz is caretaker and election in 90 days. which bibi does not want cuz he’ll have to pass the toilet (throne)
    his better scenario pass a temporary one which will stretch until march 31 2021 then HE will be the caretaker and then elections in 90 which will let him stay forever cuz by then gantz will be a deflated party with nary a seat and bibi hopes that his side will get more than 61 seats. and that’s the end of democracy.
    bibi couldn’t care less about these manifestations, they are not his voters so blah and these guys on the streets will not push voters to get him out . the israeli voter is the most lazy voter there is ,
    annexation shmanexation who cares the west bank is so passe and better the devil we know, so they vote tradition not brain not now not ever, the religious vote religious the nazis vote (as always) bibi and the rest , oh well devil may care they’ll never get to the bar thanks to liberman and his ambitions who will not do the right thing even if the right thing was an old shoe and it hit him in the puss.
    there’s nothing to see here, move on

  2. btw ,=== israelis have a fetish with iran , i am sure the jerusalem post has more stories about iran than any irani newspaper will ever have about their own country
    every time an iranian soldier brakes wind an israeli general sweats – what a laughter
    the jerusalem post has more stories about arab countries in a day that it ever does about israel life in a month, it is such a bad propaganda newsletter with venomous opinions , fox channel ought to learn on brainwashing methodology from the post

  3. [comment deleted: you’ve violated à cardinal comment rule. You’ve substituted your opinion for facts. You’ve offered lies or half-truths without support. Do this again and you will be moderated or banned.]

    1. @ Gary Fouse: I’ve written an entire post refuting your little lie. Other media outlets have done the same. I am now announcing that the next person who shovel this crap here will be moderated or banned.

      Don’t comment in this thread again.

    2. @ Gary fouse: Seattle is doing much better than Israel is, I’m happy to report. I’m sure you’ll join me in congratulating Washington State in doing a much better job than both Israel and the Trump administration.

      Oh & BTW, don’t ever tell me what I should do.

      Don’t comment again in this thread.

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