5 thoughts on “Covid19 and the Abuse of the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. you are full of crap, the link to the article which u claim fred trump was a clan member, is actually an article claiming the exact opposite.

    1. @ mishpahat d: No, actually it’s you who are full of crap. Here’s what the article says: Fred Trump was arrested at a Klan rally in Queens in 1927. The charge was failing to disperse after a police order to do so.

      The article says there is no clear evidence that Trump was a Klan member. I disagree. There is plenty of strong circumstantial evidence that he was a Klan member. Why else would he have been at the rally and failed to disperse? Because he was really on the way to the market and got swept up in a mob? Hardly.

      Not only that, but Fred Trump was known throughout NYC as an arch racist. Woody Guthrie, who lived in one of his housing complexes in Queens even wrote a song about how much Fred hated Blacks.

      So is it credible that Fred was a Klan member in 1927. You bet.

      Say I’m full of crap again & I’ll ban your ass in a heartbeat.

  2. @richard silverstein
    typical leftist self denial tactic. just ban anyone who voices another opinion, and then everyone who posts is automatically all the “agreeers”, painting a very rosy picture.
    is that youre opinion on how democracy should work?
    we’re lucky there is something called elections around here
    u cant reference an article explaining why 1+1=2 to show that it is in doubt, just because someone had to explain how it works. the referenced article went into detailed explanation to debunk the theory that fred trump was a klan member, and u just quote it randomly as if it is on the list of proofs that he was.
    would you quote Genesis 1:1 as a reference to the theory of evolution?
    i understand if someone would not appreciate me calling him a piece of crap, but you are hardly the one to be able to complain about less than fine language, considering all the vile language u use on this website

    1. @ mishpahat d:

      the referenced article went into detailed explanation to debunk the theory that fred trump was a klan member

      A lie. This is all the article says:

      On none of these [Klan membership] registries appears the name for Fred Trump or any relatives….

      There is nothing at all connecting Fred Trump to the Klan other than his mere presence as a spectator to the largest Memorial Day Parade in the country.

      Read this carefully. It says that the 7 men arrested (including Trump) were “Klansmen” who were “berobed.” In other words, not only were all 7 Klan members, they were dressed in the white hoods of the Klan.

      What evidence does the Queens Gazette offer to support its claim? That Trump wasn’t registered formally as a Klan member? That’s probitive of exactly nothing. Secret societies like the Klan could easily have had a member who did not want their names listed on such public registries.

      What further evidence does it offer? That the distance from his house to the riot was 3/4 of a mile. Which is nonsense. That’s not evidence. I’ve offered evidence. They’ve offered none.

      you are hardly the one to be able to complain

      Actually, I’m not “complaining.” I run the blog. YOu don’t like my language or the rules go elsewhere. You want to play in this sandbox, you follow the rules. It’s my sandbox. I get to make the rules and interpret them.

      You’re now moderated. If you want to comment here you may. But only comments respecting the rules will be approved for publication. Read the comment rules before publishing again here.

  3. [comment deleted: I told you to read the comment rules. You didn’t. First comment rule, don’t repeat the same arguments more than once. Say what you have to say and that’s it. You’re repeating yourself in this comment. Second comment rule: I make the rules. You don’t. I interpret the rules. You don’t. Don’t criticize the way I run the comment threads. If you do, your time with us with be short (alas).]

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