3 thoughts on “Gantz to Join Israeli Unity Government, Blue and White Opposition Disintegrates – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Another one bites the dust, say bye bye to gantz, it was nice knowing you.
    He betrayed 40% of the population liberman will not join
    Bibi sucks dry and spits them like used olives
    Democracy, what democracy never was never will be banana dictature bibistan
    Makes wanna like, even trump is better
    Judaism is not a religion its a mafia
    Richard don’t waste your energy health and money this crap, toss Israel in the mafia dogma basket, I am done with this in blood venality

  2. so no one dares shut me down, after bibi bribed another one, i’ve stopped reading israel newspapers it is beyond treason,
    i am considering voting for the joint list next time, at least i know they will not sell their souls for a bowl of falafels.
    i am so distraught that the words fail me, i had the same feeling when trump stole the election and we see the results, but this one goes beyond way way beyond treason.
    how could he find a reason to join the racists when he campaigned for a civil based country and not the religious leaches. Liberman was right all along, he had joined bibi way back and suffered the same fate and he knew not to fall in the trap, mostly because bibi had tried to investigate Liberman’s son wanting to jail him as a lever but he failed, that’s why liberman will never join the religious racist or bibi likud “only”
    richard i need your opinion on this , i cant face looking at the local papers,
    please give us an unbiased idea what to do.

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