1 thought on “Timely Likud Smear Exposes Alleged Gantz Sex Tape as Election Draws Near – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It’s all pointless – as long as the joint list stays at 13/14 and lieberman at 7/8 = added those two are 21/22 bringing the balance of knesset at 100 split it whichever way as long as liberman sticks to not joining bibi there’s no government. either nor or 6 elections from now. that suits bibi fine cuz he’ll keep the chair warm even though he’s not elected. so it’s stalemate forever. the weak link is libi will he/won’t he have weak knees..
    meanwhile bibi will be spending half his time in court and queen will be effectively the PM. so Israel will have it’s SECOND woman pm. no am not delirious. without a budget all hell will brake loose who cares bibi will still be pm.
    you talk about the gutless republicans puppies heck we got their twins in likud. a million likud voters and 50 odd candidates are shitting in their pants rather than stand up to a felon. why? cuz he’s the only one that can spread the baksheesh all around.
    hail king bibi

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