3 thoughts on “Breaking: Netanyahu Indicted in Three of Four Corruption Cases, But Will It Matter? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Bibi nominated Mr M. so right now Mr. M. is scared crapless to do AGAIN want BRILLIANT Jim Comey did BECAUSE AND ONLY BECAUSE trump SCREAMED THE LOUDEST not because he was right, (as it is said by the time the truth finished putting her pants on the lies have made 8 turns around the world)
    So having seen Jimmy royally screw up he has made his mind NOT to do ANYTHING , UP AND UNTIL there is a FORMAL government/coalition.
    SO NO nothing will happen until the next election results are tallied.
    WITH THE EXCEPTION THAT THIS CASE IS THE OPPOSITE 180% , the indictment will help change CERTAIN people’s attitudes and create a POSITIVE environment
    He is scared to kick bibi out that in his mind might change the COMPLETE COMPOSITION of the voters minds (which is not his problem to resolve)
    My opinion he is scared of the filthy mouths and media abuse of the FULL NETANYAHUS. these people are worse news that the full trump circus put together. no doubt

  2. Sorry Richard. I know this is off topic– but, i cannot help myself. Please let Sarah go to jail with Bibi. Please , Please ,Please

  3. As I wrote elsewhere on this website, find him guilty, strip him of his office and Israeli citizenship. You want to save that shambling wreck of a country, you have to expel the cancer.

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