13 thoughts on “BREAKING: Israeli Police Use Affair to Pressure Witness Against Netanyahu – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Now you publish a name and picture of a woman you didn’t completely confirm???
    This is soooo… wrong! What if it was your daughter? Haven’t you heard of #MeToo??? What’s give you the right of exposing the name of a woman who might be involved in an affair?
    As a woman I find this extremely offensive

    1. @Hana G: I could dare less what you find offensive. Your justice minister violated his own country’s laws and identified her on the floor of the Knesset. Yet not a word of Outrage from you about that. You are a flaming hypocrite.

      And who do you think is leaking her name? And how do you think I learned it? All this came from Bibi’s camp either directly or indirectly. YOu are a party to this with your stupid accusations. So if you want to direct your outrage somewhere, it should be aimed at Bibi and his fellow mafiosi.

      My daughter would never have an affair with the likes of Nir Hefetz.

      As for #metoo, you haven’t a clue what it stands for. It does not stand for women having consensual affairs with married men. THere isn’t a single hint that his mistress is a victim in this or that she was abused by Hefetz. If you have such evidence by all means, lets see it.

  2. And like any other man on this planet, you don’t care for how it makes that woman feel. You exposed her name to the public!
    You discuss me!

    1. @ Hana G: You haven’t a clue what sort of man I am. In fact, I’ve exposed more Israeli male sexual predators, and offered comfort to more rape victims than you can ever know. I’ve exposed the identities of male predators protected by gag orders. I’ve shielded the identities of victims. I’ve reported stories under gag order you would never have known about were it not for me. I’ll stack my record on protecting such victims against yours any day of the week. The worst aspect of your drivel is that it is offered in bad faith. You don’t give a crap about Hefetz’ mistress. You just want to protect the whole rotten system. And then blame me who learned ithe information from Bibi’s own camp (or his camp followres), which you of course refuse to condemn.

      You are banned.

  3. Wow. Even i am not banned yet. But I would not dare to discuss it because I would care (a bit) if I was to disgust anyone… but I really would like to understand how Net&yahoo is still PM and not in jail.

  4. You are no less a scoundrel than those whom you expose. The end does not justify the means. You seek to help imprison Bibi for breaking the law, but you yourself break it with ease and readiness.

    1. Aida: I “break the law?” Whose law? My country’s law? No. Your country’s law? Am I bound by Israeli law? What, am I sworn to uphold Israel’s dignity and honor and act as if it is my country? For whose sake? For Israel’s? FOr the killers who started a catastrophe in Beirut, but who are good Israelis who deserve protection?

      Sorry, I am a journalist. I report what I know and sources tell me. In this case, I report what an Israeli source told me. Someone who felt it was important that someone other than him know what happened. I owe it to no one to conceal this information. I have no loyalty other than to the facts and the truth. If you don’t like them then tell your leaders to stop acting like thugs everywhere they go. Then I won’t have such stories to report.

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