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  1. “playing with weapons”

    “games played with weapons”

    Richard. You are going to have to be a little more specific about the manner in which the soldier was shot.

    Soldiers disguised in Arab dress (mistarvim) rely on pistols, and pistols are only effective when they’ve been unholstered, loaded, and aimed at a target.
    To be an effective undercover soldier you need to practice unholstering, loading and aiming your pistol.
    You need to practice this, literally, thousands of times, over and over until it becomes reflexive.

    You need to to be able to unholster, load and aim while standing, sitting, crawling, running, out of breath from running. etc

    So, without having read the incident report in detail, I’m not sure it’s fair to characterize this incident as ‘ game playing’.

    1. @ Eunice Kearnes: If you’d read the Israeli news reports linked in my account (which I insist readers like you do before commenting) you’d know that they used the Hebrew term mischak (“game”) to describe how the killing happened. When you kill someone playing a game with guns you’ve engaged in negligent behavior, which implicates your commanders who permitted this sort of behavior. Which is why it’s a schandeh that this guy is being promoted when a kid was needlessly killed under his command.

      Please don’t try to turn rancid meat into sausage as you have here. THe story is plain as day. You’re trying to muddy things which are clear.

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