10 thoughts on “Facebook Suspension for Criticizing Israeli Rabbinic Racism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. On the bright side, I’m not sure it actually helps Israel if her supporters are allowed to post ‘Hitler was right,’ advocate servitude for gentiles, and claim that Jews are racially superior to everyone else.

    How can we help these fine figures gain more attention?

  2. I don’t understand the strong reaction to your piece since The Times of Israel published a account of these racist lectures yesterday. Only they included a statement from the good rabbis claiming that their comments on the positive nature of racism and the natural subservience of non-Jews were taken out of context. Your bad for simply quoting the racist remarks to the prospective soldiers. Their quality of service will undoubtedly be enhanced.

    1. @ Shalom Endleman: No. YOUR bad for believing the fake “explanation” the rabbis offered. I wouldn’t credit anything they said after making the original remarks as they did.

      The pro-Israel social media brigade mass reports many Facebook and Twitter accounts and gets them suspended regularly. You don’t have to do much that is actually bad or wrong to be in their sights.

    1. @ Sagee: That page is for an account that is ‘disabled.’ My account was suspended. Those are 2 separate categories. I don’t think it would’ve worked for me. But if I’m ever suspended again I’ll see if it will work.

  3. It saddens me to see politicism over reaching law & common sense…however this has spilled over to courts and other areas too….Stay strong in your decency….not many have such an expensive gift…

  4. my late father a holocaust survivor taught me that as Jews we are charged to serve all of mankind
    unlike the Nazis who wanted to be served
    by non- Ariyans
    my father wanted me to be a Dr who would make house calls and give indigent patients money to buy their medications

  5. Facebook is an arm of the government , was apparently funded by the CIA (Q-Tel) and is part of the surveillance State , as such censorship by Facebook probably amounts to a violation of your 1st Amendment rights .Perhaps you should contact the ACLU and file suit .

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