10 thoughts on “New Zealand and Israel: White Terror-Jewish Terror – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Wouldn’t the fact that Jews practice ‘endogamy’ have a racial side to it?

    “when Israeli settlers succeed in their long-term efforts to rebuild the Temple.”

    If they are orientated by Halachah it would be assumed that the three oaths should be taken into consideration.
    The Vilna Gaon states that the first two oaths are null but the building of the Temple can only be done by the Messiah.
    Thus a little over 200 years ago many of his top pupils and others came to Israel and there was a constant stream of them into the 20th century.

    1. @ natasha: Jews no longer practice endogamy. Unless you’re an Orthodox Jew. Most Jews are now free to marry whoever they wish. If they continue to marry Jews, it is by choice and not by religious fiat. Of course, Meir Kahane and settler zealot do maintain these practices which is only one factor among many that reinforces the racialism at the heart of their enterprise.

      As for the Vilna Gaon, he has long since faded in the minds of the ultra-nationalist holy warriors seeking to rebuild the Temple. They arrogate to themselves the former rule that only the messiah can rebuild the Temple. Further, they violate strict Orthodox rulings by rabbis which prohibited Jews from entering the Temple Mount area. Yet another reason why these “Jews” are renegades from the Jewish consensus.

  2. [comment deleted: your comment repeated almost verbatim another comment you published here earlier. Do not repeat arguments or comments. Not only that, you also published this comment twice in quick succession in this thread. Do not do this.]

  3. [comment deleted: off topic. This isn’t a baseball game and we’re not keeping score of who’s done what to whom.]

    1. @Baird: this article proves nothing. It seeks to trace the most critical influences on his Ideology, not all of them. The absence of a reference to Israel indicates nothing about the role Israel and Israeli fascism and Islamophobia played in this thinking.

      Your claim is like a patient whose oncologist tells him he has cancer. A week later the patient returns yelling at the doctor for not telling him he also had a brain aneurysm.

      I am about to moderate you for repeatedly posting off topic and posting.purely as a hasbarist rather than posting in good faith, and participating in the comment threads with a Clear propagandistic intent.

  4. For additional reading on the history of Zionist terrorism, I suggest reading “State of Terror: How terrorism created modern Israel” by Thomas Suarez.

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