6 thoughts on “Did Israel Secretly Retrieve IDF Soldier’s Body Month Before Election? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Rather than indulge a conspiracy theory, shouldn’t we assume that Arutz Sheva erroneously transposed 04/03/19 as 03/04/19.

    A mere typo.


    1. @ Baird: Media outlets don’t do typos like that. The blog platform I use automatically dates my post when I publish it. Then the link is crawled by Google. I’m sure media outlets work the same way. You can’t make such an error by accident. The only way you can change a date of publication is manually.

  2. …Even if the claim that Israel retrieved his body in March is not true, Russia connived with Netanyahu in the entire episode. Putin’s forces recovered the body from Syria and offered it to Netanyahu…’

    There is an irony here. To appreciate it, one must consider why Russia would want to do anything for Israel in the first place.

    Is it for the sake of Israel itself — for that of a nation the size of Honduras or Togo?

    More likely, it’s because of the influence Israel can wield over the US. This has happened before; Israel makes the US do something to Russia’s liking, Israel gets a payoff.

    …and now — from precisely those who have so energetically decried supposed Russian influence in the US — we have the sound of silence. No articles in the Washington Post, New York Times, et al.

  3. @Richard

    And as you already know, a Hebrew publication is dated differently than it’s English counterpart publication, so for example, YnetNews-hebrew dates today 08/04/2019 while YnetNews-english is dated 04/08/2019.

    1. @Baird: and you think the Google algorithm doesn’t take that into account when publishing search results?. Every nation in the world writes their dates the way Israel does. So I know Google takes that into account when indicating publication dates.

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