7 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Jews to Trump: Stay Away! – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The words that have come from Pittsburgh Jews, the Tree of Life and from Jews around the nation have left this BDS supporter in deep gratitude for their expressions of wisdom and love as the healing balm this country needs so very badly.

  2. What irony in that the representative of the Israeli government at the commemoration, indeed the current Israel government as a whole, in reality holds dear the very same values of the terrorist. Also, I have not heard yet (there may indeed have been) any denunciation of the chief rabbi of Israel who refuses to say that the massacre occurred in a Bet Knesset because it is conservative (and conservatives, as we all know, are not real Jews) .

  3. Blame Trump for the incitement more intense now than ever. He gets away with it and is rewarded by the crowds and defended by his “prop up machine” adding to the current atmosphere in which this was able to easily erupt. There are many mentally off people out here that pick up on this. The stats show the increase in antiSemitism during Trump’s appearance on the scene. No doubt, that the media could not ignore this at it’s own peril and ours. The media surely adds to the circus but it also warns us. This foul culture is promoted from our most powerful position…arguably the most powerful in the world. Don’t forget the gun aspect of this, an AR 15, perfectly legal thanks to the GOP and the NRA..

  4. [Comment deleted: off topic. after being warned multiple times about comment rule violations, then moderated, you are now banned.]

    1. @ Jen: Bullies? You’re talking about “bullies?” Really? Eleven Jews were murdered. Not bullied. And murdered by a man fueled by the rage incited by Donald Trump. No one on the left has mussed a fake hair of Donald Trump’s head. So cut out the shit about blaming the left for a plague afflicting only the right.

      Not to mention that quoting FoxNews or using it as a source is absolutely ridiculous. I’d use it for toilet paper before I’d use it for a source.

      You are done in this thread.

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