3 thoughts on “What Do the National Enquirer and Israel HaYom Have in Common? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Did Israel Hayom pay hush money to protect Bibi from a scandal with a stripper?

    Did Israel Hayom try to shake down a billionaire political enemy of Bibi?

    What scandal has Israel Hayom ever been connected with?
    Only this one, as far as I know.

    “The editor of the free Hebrew daily Israel Hayom met with police Tuesday morning to provide testimony in a corruption investigation into whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worked to reduce the newspaper’s circulation in exchange for more flattering coverage from rival publication Yedioth Ahronoth”


    So Bibi is alleged to have tried to SUPPRESS Israel Hayom’s circulation in favor a rival paper.

    Richard. I think your parallels are forced, at best.

    1. @ Sho Time: Sheldon Adelson pays $40-million a year to cover Israel HaYom’s deficit. That, in effect is a campaign contribution since Bibi himself admits he would never have been elected without the newspaper’s support. I’m certain Adelson doesn’t report this under Israeli law as a campaign contribution. The fact that he doesn’t is pretty damn sleazy.

      As for “scandals with strippers,” that would be Yair, Bibi’s son, who had the scandal with a stripper. And yes, he extorted money from his friend to pay for their night out.

      What scandal has Israel HaYom ever been associated with? You mean aside from the scandal of being a pro-Bibi scandal sheet masquerading as a serious journalistic enterprise? Aside from the pandering, lying reporting it used to do to inflate Bibi’s ego?

      The only reason Israel HaYom is now cooperating with police is that Adelson has thrown his money on another politician in this horse race, Naftali Bennett.

      Further, Netanyahu bribed not just one media tycoon into offering favorable coverage, he bribed TWO. Let’s not forget the Walla! case which closely mirrors the Yediot-Mozes case. As for whether these crimes are alleged or proven, Bibi is as crooked as they come. You can choose to believe whatever you like about him. The rest of us know better.

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