10 thoughts on “BREAKING: Settler Suspects in Murder of Palestinian Mother Name Alleged Killer – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  2. Whatever he has or has not done from the picture you clearly see that he is a minor. According universal human right he has the right to protection of children including not publishing his picture. All this shows that it is not the human right of the Palestinian people that guides you but only hatred of you own brothers.

    1. @ Bill Wassertreger: Oh give me a break. There is no “universal human right” regarding publishing pictures of minors, especially those accused of murder. Why don’t you take it up with those Israeli authorities who handcuff Palestinian children to hospital beds and then try them for committing acts of terror, which in itself is a violation of Israeli law?

      My “brothers” are all human beings. Especially human beings who are brutally murdered, whose lands are stolen, etc. Israelis are my brothers if they refuse to engage in such crimes, denounce them, and dedicate themselves to ending them.

      Oh and btw, you’re a non-Jew. So butt out and stop trying to tell me how to be a good Jew.

  3. A grinning brainwashed brat. It would be very interesting to hear these people on the witness stand. Palestinians involved in attacks (or suspected of involvement in attacks) never make it to the witness stand, because they get shot before there ever is a trial. (No death penalty in Israel, huh? Don’t make me laugh.) But where are the public trials of the boy who was made to drink gasoline and burned, and the young family that was set on fire by extremist Zionists? A proper public trial is important, because it makes the motives and the general way thinking of the perpetrators clear.

  4. The two rabbis in the cartoon are Dov Lior and Haim Druckman not as you published.
    Druckman is a defender of rabbi child abuse and claimed on live tv that the arrestees are not terrorists and should be released

  5. “fingered him as the ringleader“ – no he is not. He is a stupid teenager, who might have done a stupid act. He is probably the one who happen to throw the fatal rock.

    I don’t think you believe in the imprisonment of every Palestinian teenager who through a rock on passing cars which obviously endanger the lives of the passengers.

    1. @seth Eller: No, murder is far beyond a stupid act. A 16 year old who murders a not a stupid teenager. He is a murderer. But don’t worry. He’ll get a few years in prison and a presidential pardon after that. Then he’ll be elected mayor of his colony and perhaps prime minister someday.

      Or else he’ll eventually take Lior’s place and incite the murder of more Palestinian mothers.

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