9 thoughts on “How Many More Have to Die Before Democrats and Republicans Impeach Trump? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Every high school student knows that a sitting President can only be impeached for, Treason, Bribery or other ‘high Crimes and Misdeameanors’, and removed by a 2/3 vote of the Senate.

    Which ‘high Crimes and Misdemeanours’ has President Trump committed?

    1. @ Lee Hung So Low: Actually very few American high school students know much of anything about U.S. government, let alone impeachment. But you don’t know much more. You can repeat the literal definition, but haven’t a clue about what the terms mean, which is pretty much whatever the Congress wishes them to mean. In other words, impeachment is a political act. It has the trappings of a legal proceeding. But in essence it is a political act. The terms for impeachment are defined by Congress within those few vague phrases. Congress could (theoretically) define a “misdemeanor” as spitting on the sidewalk (though it wouldn’t do that).

      As for the list of crimes Trump has committed, they’re endless. As a rule I don’t answer question that are posed provocatively which answer themselves with 20 seconds of Google search. You can do that yourself. Also, Tom Steyer has an entire organization devoted to impeachment. Visit its site & I’m sure he lists some of the terms that could be used in this case.

        1. @ Jen: Saying that Obama and Trump have the same approval ratings at this point in time is like saying that if you take a snapshot of planet earth on its formation that it will stay the same for all eternity. Obviously, the ratings fluctuate a great deal over time. At the end of Obama’s second term his approval rating was 60%. Trump’s has never risen above 45% and they likely never will. At the end of whatever godforsaken term ends his presidency his rating will never come near Obama’s at the end of his two terms.

          The American people didn’t elect Trump president. The Electoral College did that. There were 3 million more votes for HIllary Clinton. So don’t blame the American electorate. It’s the idiots who created the College and inscribed it in the Constitution, along with the idiot Congress members who refused to reform this system. So the American electorate never trusted Trump then, and doesn’t trust him now.

          You are done in this thread.

  2. Even though you despise my views on other things, I mostly agree with what you say in this post.
    There is a new term that has been coined– stochastic terror. These are random acts of political violence not directed by leaders but whose perpetrators do what they do because of the atmosphere created by the leaders’ incitement. Israel’s right wingers love to use this logic to blame Palestinian leaders for lone wolf attacks against Israelis, but in Trumps case (or when rabbis or Israeli leaders say stupid inciting things agains Arabs or other groups) they rally around the flag of free speech or say that the left is “inciting” against Trump.
    Regarding impeachment there is a tactical argument among democrats regarding talking about impeachment prior to the elections, that possibly it could hurt their chances (by rallying Trump “base” at the ballot box) and making the elections only about impeaching Trump. In any case it could only hurt Democrats because the Senate will never convict him anyway.

  3. Hi Richard,

    Feel really sorry for the families affected by this mindless tragedy. May God give strength to them to bear with the tragedy. Also, wanted to express thanks to you for sharing the links for sending contributions to help the families. Through your blog and these links one can send condolences and whatever little help one can from all over the world to express solidarity with the victims.,

    One thing is to be realized by the American citizens with all the urgency and seriousness that it deserves, and it is that the kind of hate filled vicious atmosphere that Trump has created and its direct link to these tragedies. Not surprisingly, some of the articles in Fox news (Trump’s official media outlet) have already started diverting the grief from the tragedy to anger towards their pet targets – Palestinians / Muslims / Iran .

    In this one we can see Masha Merkulova listing death of Ari Fuld (“activist”) and withdrawal of letter of recommendation to a student by Cheney Lippold as examples of anti-semitism. How can one equate these incidents ??

    When people confuse the causes, they are bound to mess up the treatment !

  4. “There is only one way to end this madness. Trump must be impeached. He is wholly unfit for office. His every tweet incites not just hate, but the violent actions of his followers. There is only one way to stop this: impeachment. Today, the “I” word is anathema in many circles. You won’t even hear Bernie Sanders talking about it. But how much more killing will it take before we point the finger where it belongs?”

    Absolutely. The fear was that by using impeachment on Trump that the next time a Democrat is president the Republicans would try to impeach that person purely out of revenge, but the stakes (which were always high from the minute Trump took office) are now impossible – Donald John Trump has never been fit for the Presidency and he must be removed, no matter what tantrums the Elephant Party senators throw and the MAGA-hat goons in the streets do.

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