7 thoughts on “Bombs and a Murder: Trump and MBS Share Even More Than You Think – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Trump and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner have staked American foreign policy on a dubious alliance with Saudi Arabia’s”

    Oh please.
    The United States has kept up a dubious alliance with Saudi Arabia since the 1940’s, when Standard Oil and Mobil first planted their flags.
    This seventy year dubious alliance has survived Middle East wars, an oil embargo and the terror acts of 9/11.

    But let’s blame it all on the Jared Kushner.

    1. @ Li Hung So Low: No, actually. OBama had a very contentious relationship with the Saudis. Further, we’ve never relied before on the Saudis to pressure the Palestinians to accept a pro-Israel peace agreement. Also, no president ever made his first foreign trip to Saudi Arabia. Nor has any previous president assigned his most trusted advisor specifically to cultivate a Saudi crown prince. Nor have we ever sold $110-billion in arms to the Saudis at one shot so to speak.

      So despite every major media outlet pointing out that Trump’s has put all his eggs in the Saudi basket and created an alliance of dubious value with them, you go right ahead and bury your head in the zio-sand.

      1. President Trump’s first overseas visit started in Saudi Arabia, where he urged Muslim countries to take the lead in combating radicalisation. Saudi Arabia is the birthplace of Islam

        Trump next visited Israel, the Palestinian territories and Brussels to visit with EU leaders.
        Then, off to the Vatican to meet the Pope, and Sicily, to attend a G7 Conference.

        Nothing suspicious or sinister in this intinerary. Right?

        Trump assigned his most trusted advisor specifically to cultivate a NEW Saudi crown prince, which is a sound and reasonable diplomatic move.

        Obama made four visits to Saudi Arabia during his Presidency. Four!

        Before they were elected, Obama and Trump used inflammatory language when referring to Saudi Arabia. Obama called Saudi Arabia a, “so called ally”, and Trump said, “These are people that push gays off business – off buildings. These are people that kill women and treat women horribly.”

        Both Presidential candidates moderated their speech once they were elected.


        The United States put all it’s eggs in one basket and supported the Shah of Iran in the Middle East. The United States has old steadfast allies in Israel, Egypt and Jordan.

        The United States fought Iraq for oil rich Kuwait, and than invaded Iraq altogether for nothing.

        Obama’s White House began supporting Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

        So why do you blame Jared Kushner?

        1. @ Ling Hung So Lo: As I wrote, Trump made his first foreign visit to Saudi Arabia. It hardly matters who he visited next. I didn’t say the itinerary was “suspicious.” You did. But all the media remarked on the significance of Trump’s choice. So everyone but you in the world thinks his choice was significant. Even Israeli media remarked upon it. Don’t you lose hasbara points for being out of sync with your own country’s media?

          It doesn’t matter how many visits Obama made to Saudi Arabia. Part of the reason he visited so often was that the Saudis were displeased with his pivot to Iran. He would not have had to visit and reassure them had he not done this.

          Obama never moderated his view of the Saudis. They never played a major role in his Middle East policy.

          The United States put all it’s eggs in one basket and supported the Shah of Iran in the Middle East.

          That makes no sense. THere was no other “basket” into which to put our eggs. We overthrew Mossadegh. Once we did that the only other option was the Shah.

          Obama’s White House began supporting Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen.

          The war in Yemen did not boil over until well after Obama left the presidency. Were Obama or Clinton now in the White House not only would our weapons not be used in Yemen, I doubt Saudi Arabia would be there either. The U.S. would have made its disfavor known strongly and MBS would lose internal support for the war.

          The only reason Obama didn’t intervene in the Yemen war was that he had bigger fish to fry. He wanted the nuclear deal to work. For that to happen he needed the Saudis somewhat mollified. Not opposing them in Yemen was the price he paid for this.

          So why do you blame Jared Kushner?

          Because he is an ignorant, inexperienced, out of his depth, product of nepotism and dynastic corruption.

          That is your last comment in this thread.

  2. When Will Obama Aides Come Clean About U.S.-Saudi War Crimes?

    “Since March 2015, the United States, Saudi Arabia and other allies have waged a war on Yemen that has killed tens of thousands of people, pushed the poorest country in the Middle East to the brink of famine and unleashed a devastating cholera outbreak”


    Both sides are equal-opportunity murderers when it comes to the US MIC

  3. Anybody that constantly calls for violence and cheers it on might find violence directed against them. Trump is on a razors’ edge and if a bad recession hits you might not see those rallies continue after people start throwing stuff at the stage.

    I always thought that the Saudi aristocracy might wind up fleeing for their lives in the end and winding up wandering around the South of France like Bao Dai, the last Vietnamese emperor. The way Mohammed bin Salman carries on, that might happen faster than I thought.

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