7 thoughts on “Manafort’s Dirty Ops Ukraine Campaign Pioneered Methods Later Used in Trump Campaign – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. With all this “activity”, you’d think there’d be a scoreboard to reflect on or point to in order to count up all of the “winning” that’s been had.

    The other documents, like Flynn’s “Statement of Facts”, stipulated by Mueller also point to, likely, Jared Kushner as having committed the same violation on behalf of Israel that Manafort just had to plea guilty to in re: Ukraine. The Statement of Facts Flynn agreed to reads to a scenario where a “senior” Trump advisor instructed Flynn to try and get Russia to meddle with Obama’s UNSC abstention re: settlements on the way out.

    Said plainly, Mueller appears to be going after the “Russian-Jewish” mafia. It looks like Israel never quit after Jonathan Pollard. Rather, Israel under Netanyahu doubled down. This is all Pollard on steroids.

    And they don’t care about Jews. If they did, they wouldn’t be using us as pawns. It’s time Judaism stood up to the “Jewish State”.

    1. @ Li Hing Lo: Is Netanyhahu allied with Islamophobic parties in his governing coalition? Yes. Yet I don’t hear you complaining about that. Why is that? The calculation Tymoshenko had to make was which is worse, permitting her country to be governed by a Russian stooge; or a temporary alliance with a small party which would not have imposed its objectionable views on her political agenda.

      But the most important thing here is that Manafort and his cabal explicitly called Tymoshenko anti-Semitic, which she wasn’t. They linked Clinton to Tymoshenko, claiming the secretary of state was supporting an anti-Semite. She wasn’t. This is a disgusting abuse of anti-Semitism for political advantage. You’re not objecting to that either. Why not?

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