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  1. Your headline screams, ‘sexual abuse’, but Hillel tones things down and calls it ‘sexual harassment’.

    Later on in your article, Steinhardt’s comments become mere, ‘outrageous sexual innuendo’; but, the victims now have attorneys, so everything will be okay in the end.

    These allegations are risible and tend to minimize recent, bona fide sexual abuse claims like those levelled at that creep, David Keyes.

    BTW, Richard.
    We can only guess at what your mental state will be when you turn seventy-seven years old.

    1. @ Li Hing Lo: YOu do read don’t you? What parts of the article to which I linked permit you not to call this jackass a disgusting pervert on an ego trip? He told an art consultant that he’d buy a piece of art from her if she went to a hotel to have sex with an Orthodox rabbi? Then she suggested to the rabbi that he place his penis inside the mask, the piece of art she’d hoped to sell to him. In what world is that “innuendo?” If it is in your world you’re living in 1950 perhaps, while this is 2018.

      As for comparing Steinhardt and Keyes: is it your argument that since Steinhardt didn’t fuck anyone (that we know of so far–this is the first time I’ve ever used this word in this blog and I only do so to emphasize the outrageousness of Steinhardt’s behavior)) that he’s only a minor irritant, while Keyes, who did, is a real sexaul predator. Because if that’s anything close to your argument it doesn’t wash. What Steinhardt did is outrageous and constitutes genuine sexual abuse/harassment, whatever you choose to call it.

      And these are only the two stories we know. This does not include the stories of the Hillel staffers who were harassed, nor the future women who will undoubtedly pour forth.

      Further, trust me a non profit like Hillel doesn’t expel a billionaire donor from its board of governors and stop taking his money unless something very bad and very wrong happened. THey don’t do this merely due to sexual innuendo. If you wish to stand there with your head up your ass on this one, be my guest. The rest of us are older and wiser.

      Why does it always happen when a women is a rape victim, along comes an idiot male with the clueless proposition that “it wasn’t so bad” or “why are you ganging up on the poor guy” or “what if she’s lying and he’s innocent?” It never fails. Idiots like this come along and talk trash. Like clockwork. As for my mental state at 77, I can assure you I will not be demanding women have sex with Orthodox rabbis if I live to be 97!! Age is no excuse for being a pervert.

      1. ” In what world is that “innuendo?””

        You came up with the term “outrageous sexual innuendo”, not me.
        I don’t know what you meant, but ‘outrageous sexual innuendo’ sounds less egregious than the felonies and misdemeanours like sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

        1. @ Li Hing Lo: You added the word “mere” to “outrageous sexual innuendo.” That phrase does not merit your addition. There is nothing “mere” about it. And outrageous sexual innuendo by someone who is superior to you or your boss or in any such position is still sexual harassment and still illegal contrary to your mistaken view. And it IS egregious as the examples in the news article show.

          You are done in this thread.

          1. I will never be able to look at a mask again in the same way… I had to go to the link to believe what you wrote. You cannot make this up!

          2. @Elisabeth: when I saw him use the Yiddish word ‘schmeckle’ (for penis) it almost made me sick to my to my stomach. And talking to an Orthodox rabbi no less! There’s a lot of anger and hate in this guy.

  2. Brilliant gems:

    “It’s no surprise that Steinhardt’s attitude toward women infected Birthright as well, with its hypersexualized environment encouraging “hook-ups” between single young men and women.”

    “This sort of moral obtuseness is characteristic of the white male Neanderthal culture of the Jewish communal élite. They’re rich, they’re ostentatious, they’re egotistical, they’re right (in both senses of the word), and by God you’re gonna know it. They don’t brook discussion or debate. They know what’s right. They don’t need to hear from others with opposing views. And that, in short, is the tragedy of American Jewry.”

    Unfortunately, one late billionaire donor to such Birthright programs care of his brother Charles, Edgar Bronfman, Sr., had a daughter who ran that infamous Nxium sex cult out of Hollywood as well.

    The right will bark at this removal as “an attack on Birthright” instead of admiring those brave women for standing up to him.

    Women are invisible, perhaps a tradition meant to be broken: https://www.myjewishlearning.com/article/comforting-dina/

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