6 thoughts on “ICC Reaches Out to Palestinian Victims as War Crimes Case Enters Pre-Trial Phase – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. If Hamas is known to do this then why do the soldiers take the bait? Of course the children could get hurt or killed as they have been and this too must be international crime on both sides; the baiting and the murdering. Why are soldier/snipers there to begin with in harm’s way which brings Hamas countering? What is the threat of children unarmed to begin with?” This is how the conflict is kept alive at all costs.

  1. Any source to support “the current prosecutor-general, Luis Ocampo, has gone on the payroll of the Israel Lobby and been paid handsome consulting fees for his services.“?

    1. @ Josh: thanks for your question. Though Ocampo has visited Israel to deliver lectures and give pro-Israel interviews justifying settlements, and presumably was paid for his services, I think I confused him with Jose Aznar, the former Spanish prime minister. I will update this sentence.

      You are no doubt aware that Aznar has been charged with serious corruption accusations and having Panamanian offshore accounts. I seriously doubt Ocampo travels anywhere without getting serious money given how avaricious he appears to be. But still there isn’t any solid proof of his being on the Lobby payroll (yet).

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