13 thoughts on “Israel: the Garrison State – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hey Israel, nineteenth-century Prussia called. They think maybe you have an issue with militarism.

  2. “Google has determined that sites that cover political controversy ….”
    I would argue that “Google has determined that sites that cover the ‘wrong’ political issues …..

  3. Great article, but there is no such thing as “Mizrahi.” It’s a made up term, made up by Israel so they didn’t have to say “Arab/Jew” or “Sephardic/Jew.” Then they added the Russians into the definition to make the numbers looks larger than they really are. That creep, Azaria, is French of North African heritage.

  4. The US is heading in this direction, too.
    Look at how pro sports events are semi militaristic in tone, what with flag waving, camo uniforms, armed service days, soldiers firing off a cannon after a touchdown,etc.
    And it is filtering down to the collegiate and high school levels. How many college teams (football, baseball, and hoops) have camo alternates in their wardrobe?
    Back during the Shrub years, Canby High’s (OR) baseball team’s coach decided to outfit his team with camo uniforms and fake guns for the annual team photo. Part of a redneck community (which is pretty much anywhere just outside the city limits of Portland), the district took no action.
    It’s all about “community values.” Shut up and wave the flag.

    1. @Mark

      “It’s all about “community values.” Shut up and wave the flag.”

      Than how come half the NFL is ‘taking the knee’ during the playing of the National Anthem?
      How come the overwhelming condemnation of the ‘alt Right movement’ by ordinary Americans? How come the mass media, beginning with the Washington Post and the New York Times, is so anti-Trump?

      I seriously question when Israel HASN’T been a ‘garrison State’?

      For the first 10 years of her existence, Israel’s Arabs lived under martial law. The IDF massacred Arabs at Kfar Qassem, and Khan Younis in 1956. Israel had ‘border wars’ with her neighbours right up until the 1967 war.
      Then there was the 1973 War and the ‘ artillery war’ with Egypt that went on for years. Entebbe, the Lod Airport massacre and the Munich Olympics massacre.

      I could go on and on.

  5. military heroism is a thing of the past, with drones and sniper killers and long and short distance missiles the body to body military action is usually against palestinian children . there is no heroism is lyinching a citizen and getting a medal for it, what is the difference between israel, russia, iran, turkey, china and and
    no the able and willing children that will enlist are only taught bullyism
    this is not a garrison this is a military dictatorship pure and simple. RIP DEMOCRACY THE WORLD OVER

  6. Have you talked with any other blogs or with any lawyers about suing Google for damages caused by its biased conduct?

    1. @ Chris Grimley: This is why social media should be regulated as a public utility rather than as private companies. As a private company, the government has no jurisdiction over such treatment of customers. Google can treat website owners as it wishes. We have no recourse. But if Google was a public utility which the FCC could regulate, it could decree the equivalent of net neutrality and determine which sites Google could downgrade and which it had to treat uniformly along with all others. ALl this to say I don’t think a lawsuit would work, though I wish it would.

  7. Thank you for your continued reporting. So depressing what Israel has become from military occupation. Halfway through the article I had to take a walk.

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