17 thoughts on “Captain George (aka Doron Zahavi) Rides Again – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Worthy of legal condemnation as they are, Israel’s Captain Georges are not the problem. It’s the unavoidable need to suppress Palestinian resistance to Israeli continuous unashamed robbery of their human rights and property that creates them in the first place. If there weren’t this sadistic individual to commit these horrors, they’d employ ten others to commit them bit by bit.

    In legally persecuting the whistleblower rather than the criminal perpetrator, Israel’s in a pretty good company.

    Private Bradley Manning, a true American hero of truth, is court-martialed these days for spilling the bloody beans. Plenty of them. While he was lately allowed, most humanely, to resume wearing his undies overnight, none of the war crimes he’s exposed will likely bring a perpetrator to criminal justice.

  2. I’m wondering how come you missed the headline, It’s bold and in big font.

    “IDF officer retracted allegations of torture upon facing criminal charges, Haaretz learns”

    The officer is the one who accused Capt. Gorge of all the wrongdoing. He was found to be lying.
    Of course, you can chose to continue to believe Dirani.

    1. Once again, you’ve completely missed the nuance. Het was not lying as you mendaciously claim. He retracted the claim because the State threatened to prosecute him. It did so because if his claims stand the State will appear to be excusing torture (which of course it IS). He insisted the lawyer tape record his confession precisely in case he felt compelled to retract it later as he indeed did. The State is looking for a way NOT to investigate or prosecute Zahavi because it knows that his superiors approved of the torture & it would have to prosecute them as well.

      You’re excusing torture which tells us a lot about you.

  3. once you revealed his identity its only a matter of time b4 the muslim ayrabs will kill him – then his family will sue you for damages

  4. 1. Dirani didn’t win his law suit against the state of Israel.
    The Israeli Supreme court ruled in 2011 that even though Dirani was an enemy he can sue the state.
    2. I Suggest you’ll see the UNTHINKABLE with Samuel L. Jackson
    3. http://www.mako.co.il/tv-ilana_dayan/2012-6672969e83244310/Article-66286b87d634431006.htm&sCh=3d385dd2dd5d4110&pId=531648826

    This link shows tapes from Dirani’s interrogation in unit 504. it shows’ the humiliation Dirani Experience (being naked infront of the interrogators) and threatened that his nude pictures will be sent to his wife.
    The commander of unit 504 threatened Dirani, that if he will not cooperate they will shove a billy in his ass.

    With all the respect, Dirani drove for days with Ron Arad (by own admission) in the trunk of his car. Dirani sold Ron Arad (by own admission) to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.
    Applying emotional pressure on Dirani, doesn’t even compare.

    1. You would confess to carrying Arad in your car if you were raped & sodomized as Dirani was. No one knows whether anything Dirani or any other prisoner they tortured contained valid information. That’s the problem with torture.

      1. Allegedly Sodomized and Raped, you mean.
        I know you think Driani won a law suite and you are basing your post on that fact, as you wrote it yourself, but he never did.
        As for Diran’s involvement with Arad, read Ronen Bergman.

          1. The Mako reporter received the tapes from the interrogation and watched all of it. If there was a rape they would have exposed it, the fact that they didn’t = you are wrong in your allegations.

          2. YOu have no idea what tapes the reporter watched and whether there were tapes even made of a rape. Do you think Aman officers would allow themselves to be filmed doing such a thing? You are incredibly naive or an apologist for Israeli intelligence or both.

          3. Yehh those interrogation’s are being filmed, The entire thing.
            Many people are watching it after.
            No one raped Dirani, and the fact that you continue arguing on behlaf of one who joined Hezbollah upon his return to Lebanon despite signing an agreement he will not do so, is a bit strange.

          4. You don’t know what you’re talking about. It would be as easy as pie for the interrogator or other Aman officer to turn the tape off. And even if they didn’t there’s no reason to believe that Het would’ve been able to provide the tapes to a reporter since he didn’t yet supervise Zahavi when he attacked Dirani.

            You’re done on this subject because you’re repeating yrself, which is a comment rule no-no. Write again on this & you’re gone.

            My God, you think that after Zahavi raped this guy that Dirani owes Israel anything on releasing him? You’re delusional.

  5. These bastards leave a stain on that 1/2 acre of Zionist hell that cannot even be bleached out. Wish him good-bye and good riddence – and may he and Ariel Sharon ‘share a bunk’ for all eternity.

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