16 thoughts on “Friedman’s Follies – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted: commenter moderated. I was going to permit this comment to be posted even though part of it was off-topic. But then I read this:

    Any fantasy of the “world” imposing your ideas of what is essentially self-destruction of Zionist Israel

    If you’d read the comment rules, which I told you to do many times, you’d understand that NO ONE makes such an accusation of me. I don’t care what you think about my views. But when you say they will lead to Israel’s self-destruction, you’re moderated. Try this again & you’ll be banned outright.]

    1. @’Dr’S: ain’t happening? It already is happening, the rot from within has started. Right now ‘Israel’ looks like a beautiful apple, but it is rotting from within, with compliments from the extreme right.

      1. @ Paranam Kid: Right. I just posted a tweet in which I compared Israel to a Potemkin Village. On the outside a democracy (mostly faux). But inside a settler garrison state on its way to becoming a militant theocracy.

  2. It’s about time the Israelis learned to show some respect for the holy places of Islam. As the great Rabbi Hillel said: “Do not do unto others what you would not have others do unto you.” How would the Israelis feel if their synagogues in Jerusalem were destroyed? I suspect they’d lose no time in getting on their high horse and complaining about it.

  3. ‘… But there may come a time when our luck will run out and all Trump’s horses and all Trump’s men will do something truly horrendous and won’t be able to put the Middle East back together again. That’s what I fear more than anything…’

    Depending on the details I don’t fear it — is there really any other way out of this impasse?

    You speak as if the way the Middle East is currently assembled is desireable. We’ve got a viciously oppressive and aggressive ethnocracy, a grossly repressive dictatorship, an absolute monarchy so repressive and reactionary it’s absurd, and two states that have been reduced to blood-soaked anarchy.

    Go ahead and tip it over. What exactly is it that’s worth saving? Let’s let Trump off the leash; take all this to its logical conclusion and end up with America isolated and its people unwilling to actually go there and fight. I only see an up side.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. Having the Middle East fall into complete chaos would be disastrous, especially since much of the world is dependent on Middle East oil. How do you think the world would get along with $500/ barrel oil?

  4. [Comment deleted: off topic. You are already moderated. Next step will be banning. Follow the comment rules.]

  5. churns my stomach as an disabled elderly to notice whilst the top is having fun the populace is starving literraly starving, prices of produce and fruits are thru the roof, first excused by the haifa illegal port workers strikes but now prices stuck at hi for no reason the shekel is highest currency and turkey’s lira where most produce comes from is in free fall.
    produce stalls are empty cuz no one is paying hi prices . no one cares , wrong they care about building their darn chalets in the desert and cigars and champagne. hurrah for a decrepit theocracy
    btw mr dery shas leader is AGAIN HEADING FOR JAIL it;s in the sephardic blood to sell your mother for a plate of beans

  6. קוממיות should be translated as revival or rebirth.
    I can see google translate put also sovereignty but that would be very far fetched. Not sure why you added ‘devine’ (beyond the fact it sounds very fundamentalist).

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