17 thoughts on “Lieberman Lies – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Good day, Richard.

    Was Murtaja on Hamas payroll? We cannot be sure, because Hamas hasn’t declared yet.

    “A Hamas statement said Liberman’s comments were contrary to the “facts on the ground” given that Murtaja was not filming with a drone Friday. The statement did not address the allegation that Murtaja was on the group’s payroll.”


    If I had to guess, I’d say that the IDF made a mistake. Than again, this is the Middle East, and things aren’t always what they seem. I counsel patience. The truth will out.

    1. @ Frank: Murtaja wasn’t on the Hamas payroll because a highly reliable Israeli source told me he wasn’t. That’s it. I don’t need Hamas to tell me he wasn’t. And I find it rich that hasbarists would trust Hamas’ word on this when you all make a point of calling Hamas terrorists, liars, criminals, etc. Why trust their word on this when you won’t on anything else?

      I counsel patience. The truth will out.

      I don’t recall asking your opinion on this or anything else. The truth is known. Only hasbarists can’t accept it.

      You are done in this thread. Do not respond here.

  2. Good day,

    I am going to stick my neck out and say that the Great Return March will prove to be a disaster for Hamas, not Israel.

    Hamas now has to rehabilitate 400 young men who are recovering from gunshot wounds to the legs.

    I bet when the cacophony has died down a good number of these gunshot victims are going to ask, ‘What was it for?’, and, ‘Why do I have to limp for the rest of my life when the Hamas leadership gets driven around Gaza in BMWs?’

    Just my two shillings.

    1. @ Frank:

      I am going to stick my neck out and say that the Great Return March will prove to be a disaster for Hamas,

      You stuck your neck out so far someone’s chopped it off. And I must say that your brain unattached to the rest of your body doesn’t function much better than it did when it was attached.

      The Great March is already a disaster for Israel. Nor do you understand Palestinians, Hamas or anything else related. The more martyrs there are the greater Hamas’ impact. The more it shows it is the only form of Palestinian resistance. The IDF could maim thousands of Gazans and it would only fuel the resistance, not quell it.

      I bet when the cacophony has died down a good number of these gunshot victims are going to ask, ‘What was it for?’,

      Amazing powers of empathy, Frank. You penetrate deep down to the Arab soul. And you understand what is in their hearts so profoundly. How did you learn to do this? Do tell us your secret. Because as we all know, the Arab mind is impenetrable & you seem to have done it. Did you learn these secrets from masters like Bernard Lewis? Or do it on your own?

      Just my two shillings.

      Your two shillings aren’t worth a cold fart, so spare us in future. This sort of hasbara is rancid, racist and full of condescension.

      No more than 3 comments in any 24 hour period, Frank. Remember that.

    1. @Dr John: no he wasn’t. He was photographing with a camera. He may’ve used a drone at other times. But he wasn’t when he was murdered. Besides, as far as I know it’s not illegal under any law to fly a drone. Not even Usrael has declared this illegal. Summarily executing a journalist for a crime you haven’t even declared a crime warrants a war crime charge at the Hague. Which I look forward to.

      1. The Guardian and other media have published the last footage by Yaser Murtaja filmed on the same day he was killed and it’s clearly filmed with a drone. I’m not sayng this is illegal, just stating the fact that he actually used a drone to film.

  3. It’s curious how the Hasbaristas are defending this particular murder with such vigor. I wonder why.

  4. ‘I am going to stick my neck out and say that the Great Return March will prove to be a disaster for Hamas, not Israel.’

    Keep telling yourself that. I want you to believe that.

    Honestly. I do. Hey, at thirty dead for the two Fridays versus fifteen hundred or whatever for a ‘Cast Lead,’ ‘Hamas’ could repeat this ‘defeat’ fifty times. That’d cover about the next year. What do you think would be left of Israel’s support after that year?

    Go for it. I recommend weekly atrocities. Bomb a kindergarten or something. Say it was a Hamas rocket base.

    It’ll be a stunning success. Trust me.

  5. [comment deleted: Your comment repeated past statements you’ve already made in this thread. Comment rules frown on such repetition. If you said it once, you said it enough. It was also off-topic. Comments must confine themselves directly to the topic of the post.]

  6. We seem to be heading into week 3 of Murderin’ Fridays.

    ‘At least 9 injured with live fire as Israel suppresses ongoing Gaza protests’

    I wonder who’s going to crack first? On the bright side, there’s a certain resemblance to the final scenes of ‘Battle of Algiers.’ Everyone knows how that movie ends, right?

  7. Another way of looking at it is that Israel’s prisoners are staging an almost perfect Gandhiesque protest — about as perfect as Gandhi’s actions themselves ever got.

    The Israelis just keep playing General Dyer at Amritsar. No Zionist will ever be able to say ‘if only the Palestinians would be non-violent…’ ever again.

    Well, the Zionists will be able to say it. Zionists will say anything. But their lie will be even more obvious than it ever was.

  8. Make that 122 wounded. So far, though, the main English-language news media seems to be silenced.

    If Israel murders Palestinians, and no one says anything, is there a crime?

  9. Interestingly — just going by a couple of photos from the last batch of shootings — Israel seems to have stopped using illegal munitions and returned to using ordinary military rounds to shoot unarmed demonstrators.

    Isn’t that nice of them?

  10. Blatant terrorism.

    ‘GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — Local activists in Gaza announced on Thursday that they had moved tents that were set up along the border with Israel as part of the “Great March of Return,” had been moved 50 meters closer to the border.
    The committee in charge of the “Great March of Return” announced that they had moved the “tents of return” 50 meters closer towards the border “as a message of persistence from our people to the world that we are moving forwards towards our rightful goals.”
    The activists added that the tents had been set up between 500-700 meters away from the border line…’

    They’re going to come within half a kilometer of their own border?

    Imagine if Mexicans tried something like this in Tijuana. I’d say Israel’s really going to have to take off the gloves now. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

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