13 thoughts on “Canadian Press Advocacy Group Denounces Israel’s Attacks on Journalists in Gaza, Then Renounces Statement Under Pressure – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Aside from everything else, this is really just another example of the kind of oppressive moral corruption we wind up inflicting on ourselves as a consequence of our association with Israel.

    After all, if we maintained similarly friendly relations with — say — North Korea and permitted her a similar degree of influence, exactly the same sort of thing would happen. This is what comes of consorting with evil.

      1. ‘@ Craig: 91st as of 2017. Which only means that other countries have become worse, not that Israel has improved.’

        It may also reflect the sort of subtle but cumulative pressure the Israel Lobby exerts on all and sundry to pull their punches lest they be accused of ‘anti-semitism.’

        I know little about how the press freedom rankings are actually formulated. At the same time, I suspect that I could go on and on about abuses of the freedom of the press in — say — Iran with considerably less fear of the consequences than I could if I went after Israel’s offences in this respect.

        It’s just a thought. I keep running into instances of how one keeps having to watch precisely what one says when it comes to Israel. I can go after China — or Russia, or Burma, or Saudi Arabia — and more or less let fly. Israel? Well, let’s read over this carefully…wouldn’t want there to be anything there I’m not prepared to back up. So maybe the ratings are affected in some such way. Did Israel shut down this paper — or maybe it really did just go bankrupt? Was that reporter doing anything illegal when he was shot? Etc.

          1. Maxim Borodin’s suspicious death was also reported by the BBC, Radio Free Europe, the Independent and CNN who reported:

            Borodin regularly covered high-profile corruption cases and crime in Russia. In February, he broke a story about Russian mercenaries who died in an armed confrontation with US forces near Deir-Ezzor, Syria. Borodin wrote about three members of Wagner, a private military company linked to pro-Putin oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin.
            Prigozhin, who is under US sanctions, is alleged to have made a systematic effort to silence reports of his activities.
            Borodin was previously targeted for his views.
            Last year, he gave an interview to a Russian independent channel TV Rain and talked about the controversial film “Matilda,” and was subsequently hit on the head by an unknown assailant with a metal pipe, according to a Facebook post.
            Russia ranks first in the European Federation of Journalists list of countries with the highest number of journalists murdered in Europe. Since 1990, 346 journalists and media staff have been killed in Europe, and a third lost their lives in Russia.

            I don’t care about who Elena is, but her point remains valid.

          2. @ pea: No it doesn’t. And it’s way off-topic. Nothing whatsoever to do with the subject at hand. I was going to delete your comment. In future, please don’t encourage others to go off-topic with further such diversions. If you do something like this again, I will delete your comment.

          3. I only commented because you impugned the veracity of a well and widely reported story. Had you told Elena (who was responding to a point made by Craig) that her comment was off topic, I wouldn’t have left a comment. ‘Nuff said. Thanks for the explanation.

          4. @ pea: Not at all. I impugned The Blaze as a source and noted anyone using or consulting it has told us loud & clear what her motives are. I knew about the story you both inserted into the thread. I wasn’t making any judgment about the incident. You shouldn’t read your own preconceptions into what I write.

  2. I don’t see the issue.
    The guy released a statement on behalf of an entire organization without authorization to do so. He was fired for doing so on his private Facebook page.

    Fake news!

    1. @ Jim: Don’t you bother to read? Read my post again, in full. And don’t waste all our time by acting dumb and forcing me to repeat what I wrote:

      Kevin wrote a statement. Then he consulted with the executive director. Together they edited the statement. The director then approved it for publication. All according to procedure.

      Kevin only posted to his Facebook profile after the statement had been withdrawn & the shit hit the fan. He was not fired for anything he posted on Facebook, nor has any media outlet alleged this.

      Fake news, Jim.

  3. Not many wish to face the wrath of the Blindly Pro-Israel groups. Now North Carolina has declared that criticism of Israel, Jews, Jewish/Israeli organizations or groups, is “Anti-Semitic”

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