15 thoughts on “Tale of Two Anti-Semites: One American, One Israeli – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Thank you, good point about white nationalist terrorism. The media should awaken to labeling it what it is and not be lead by our compromised leaders’ terms and agendas and what they feed to us.

    Cruz mother a Jew?

    Regarding the Israeli Jew hater, a true “self-hating Jew” sounds like, but the term has been so corrupted, used as pejorative by Jewish right wingers that can/could not tolerate liberal or other views. Since I have long since left those boards where people argue uselessly and endlessly over points, I wonder if this term is still being used (or mis-used) ad hominem.

    Sounds like both anti-Semites are self-haters (as well as plain haters).

    So many walk around with distorted minds, who seem to go unnoticed, so it seems, some while proclaiming loudly how “off” they are, and possibly dangerous, who are not deemed mentally ill, it will never be possible to control gun violence by identifying the mentally ill.

    Bring this forever war on terrorism home and call a spade a spade.

  2. I wonder why of all the Jews who found heaven in Israel from international justice you chose to focus on Orthodox rabbis. There are 100s of other examples you could give.

    1. @ ariel Koren: Because the Orthodox are the only movement that has an Underground Sex Abuser Railroad to spirit its dregs out of their home countries and to Israel, where they can continue their abuse and live freely and with impunity.

      1. You take actions of some criminal and tag it on a whole community.
        When people do it to Muslims you call them islamophobs. What does that make you?
        (Not trying to get banned but I don’t see any nicer way to write it).

        1. Well Ariel aren’t “you Israelis” blaming constantly whole nations and even those who were not even born when bad things were done by a tiny minority. For example blaiming all people in Germany, Poland, Ukraine etc. Nazis who participated in the monstrous things were a tiny minority. So are members of the Israeli Border Police, IDF’s active assassination teams, pedophiles etc of the “homeland’s” population.

          This collective blaming by “Israelis” is always justified with the notion, that people in Germany etc had to know what was done and they all have the eternal responsibility to admit it. Only a complete idiot can claim that what is done (frequent assassinations and public killings, killing and torturing children, organ “lending”, keeping wounded bleeding to death etc) in West Bank and Gaza is not know by all Israelis (in Israel and outside Israel). Surely some “Israelis” can say that they do not like what happens and is done in their name, BUT THEY ALLOW IT BE DONE. Just like Germans and Poles did over 60 years ago.

          1. Your argument fails before it even starts – there are a few dozens of these orthodox people Silverstein is referring to but there were 100s of thousands of Germans, Pols and Ukrainians who participated in killing Jews.
            And it was systematic. There was no way around admitting they were killing people for the sake of killing them.

            Since you had to drag the Palestinians into this, comparing Gaza to the holocaust is nonsense. No need to explain why.
            And most of Israeli society believe (and for a good reason) it is either us or them. It’s funny some people believe Palestinians under Hamas government will create prosperous democracy. Just hilarious 🙂

        1. ‘Israel has no qualms about cooperating with international law enforcement and extraditing Israeli nationals for prosecution.’

          Lol. You’re quite the humorist. I can just see you delivering that line with this deadpan expression. Priceless.

        2. @Dr John: More garbage hasbara. I specifically said that Israel would not hold Orthodox Jewish sex abusers accountable. Nor will it extradite right wing criminals guilty of political crimes.It will sometimes conventional criminals accountableif they are suspected of financial crimes.

          But regardless, for every extradited criminal I can show you 10 who aren’t extradited.

          1. @Dr John: I doubt it. But if it does happen it will only be because she posted a video of herself being interviewed and having a grand old time. If she’d kept under the radar Israel would’ve done nothing.

  3. This post is bias. Michael Kadar has sever autism condition that affect his ability to understand what the emotions of others. His psychologist says he cannot understand good and wrong. There is no hate here, he called every individual human “jewish” because of his autism disorder. There is no hatred here at all!

    1. @ Joel Karim: You don’t know anything about autism and I do. Nor do I trust a defense lawyer who can literally say whatever he wants to elicit sympathy for his client. Austistic individuals are not fools. They can tell right from wrong, especially if they’re smart enough to concoct plots as complex and damaging as the ones he allegedly did.

      You’re literally an idiot. He threatened the lives of scores if not hundreds of Jewish institutions. Bomb threats meant that the lives of thousands of people were disrupted, not to mention the terror which victims suffered. And you try to defend this?

      Get out of this thread. If you have the chutzpah to return I’ll ban your ass.

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