6 thoughts on “BREAKING: Iraq Asked Philippines to Deport Alleged Hamas Engineer as Favor to Israeli Intelligence – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Hi Richard,

    Nearly all of the source articles claiming Iranian oil was sold to Israel and that helicopter (as I read it, not plane parts) were purchased by agents of the IRGC come from Israeli venues (or other venues not exactly in vogue with Iran’s government, even if they claim it).

    Do Iranian pistachios find themselves in Israel? Yes, but not by Iranian will — they travel through Turkey. Iran, as with the Iran-Contra scandal, is generally in a position to undo their own sanctions by willingly conveying the Israeli intransigence on the topic, Israel being the tip of the spear on those same sanctions.

    The Iranian people generally have a palate for such things and Iran’s government can withstand the notion that Iran sold oil to Israel and bought helicopter parts from Israel. On the other hand, the sanctions cannot.

    It remains unconfirmed if that actually occurred, or if it is simply a sort of contrarian style propaganda notably evident in the past intended to demoralize Iran’s conservatives and the integrity of the geopolitical stakes for Iran (notably anti-Anglo-Zionist).

    On the petrol front, if you really want to know who is smuggling anything to Israel nowadays, it’s the Kurds. They’re openly searching for conduits on networks like LinkedIn. They openly bear relations with all of the factions necessary and are geographically located with primacy.

    And if you want to know who the diplomat of “opening doors” is, it’s Ehud Barak. It’s not a big secret. He’s “left politics” and makes deals.


    1. @ Soleimani Khan: You’re wrong. The news about oil was published in Europe by a leftist Israeli-Swiss journalist. And parts were sold for Iranian F-4 jets by Israeli arms dealers to Iran. I don’t know anything about helicopter parts, though that’s possible as well.

      And contrary to what you imply, these things happened. As for the Kurds, of course they’re selling oil to the Israelis. That’s well known. And much of that oil was first drilled by ISIS (at least until it lost control of those oil fields). But none of this means that Iran wasn’t selling oil to the Israelis.

  2. It seems you have been asleep. There have been several items lately on Israeli television about thawing relations with Iraq. An Israeli citizen recently returned to Bagdhad and a book by an Israeli author was recently translated to Arabic and has raised a lot of interest in Iraq. Winds of change?

    1. @Ariel Koren: Yes, Israeli Security source. I just added that to the post to make that clear. Although most of my security-oriented scoops here are based on such sources. So I thought it was self-evident.

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