10 thoughts on “Chutzpah: Trump’s Middle East Maven Demands Hamas Be Israel’s Poodle – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. @Zionauts: I’ve permitted this comment even though it violates the comment rules & is off-topic. But I warn you that this is the last time I will do so. Respect the comment rules or your comments may be deleted.

      I note that there is no source offered for this article. We don’t know where it was originally published. We don’t know who translated Sinwar’s alleged words. Nor has it been published in English anywhere other than by Ynet & farther right wing Israeli publications. Until you can offer something more substantive I take this report as warmed over bullshit.

      1. Can’t see how this isn’t on topic. This is Hamas response to Greenblatt. Also, Oui comment is about some BS in the US and you let it on.

        Sinwar’s words appeared on haaretz as well https://www.haaretz.com/middle-east-news/palestinians/1.818235?v=EEEB9ABDAE0EF57FD8011E7C5B0B87F6 and Arabic outlet https://english.aawsat.com/kifah-ziboun/news-middle-east/sinwar-goal-wipe-israel-not-recognize
        Will you recognize now what Hamas is about or still hide behind claiming they are treehuggers who would love to put their weapons down if Israel accept the Palestinian demands.

        1. @ Joe Horowitz: I think Sinwar is as much a fool as you are. He knows that Hamas can never eliminate Israel. The fact that he made this statement is designed for internal political consumption. The problem is that when you give your constituency red meat, you also establish parameters of future actions. So statements like this, which btw are nothing compared to far worse comments by Israeli leaders about Palestinians, will lead to the deaths of many Israelis and Palestinians. But since that is what you want (especially the deaths of Palestinians), you will get your wish.

          But as to who is the bigger fool–Sinwar or Bibi. I’ll take Bibi any day. As to who is the more dangerous–I’ll take Bibi any day.

          1. [Comment rejected: I told you that unsupported claims will not be permitted here. Claims by Israeli intelligence stenographed by Israeli poodie journos are unsupported.

            It may even be that Aruri has done some or all the deeds claimed. But he had nothing on Israeli generals, spy chiefs & defense ministers who have millions of gallons of collective blood on their hands compared to one purported Palestinian terrorist.

            Consider yrself warned. Read & follow the comment rules if you wish to continue commenting.

          2. Either whatever you just wrote or Sinwar and his Iranian patrons believe and wish to wife Israel and Bibi simply take their words on their face value.

            Regardless, you can’t blame an Israeli for believing Sinwar and wishing to defend himself.

            As for you, you call Abbas a poodle and Sinwar a fool. The progressive Palestinian leader you wish for just doesn’t exist, nor are Palestinians who will let her lead them.

          3. @ Joe Horowitz: You take Sinwar’s words at face value? That Hamas will erase Israel? If you do, you are as much a fool as he is. He’s no more going to erase Israel than he’s going to win the Nobel Prize for Physics. Don’t make me laugh.

            Most of the time I can’t even take Israeli pols and generals threats to exterminate Arabs states like Lebanon (one just made that threat yet again yesterday) seriously. It’s all a bunch of hot air. But what I can take seriously is that Israel has far more capability to kill Arabs than Arabs have the capability to kill Israelis. So in that sense I do take Israeli threats more seriously than Arab ones.

            As for a progressive Palestinian leader, sure they exist. And they’re all in Israeli jail cells put there precisely because they could actually become progressive Palestinian leaders and threaten Israeli hegemony. But even worse, there is no progressive Israeli leader and even if there was no Israeli would elect them PM. And this is a far more damaging phenomenon than the fact that the Palestinians don’t have leaders you like. Because, as I wrote, Israel has far more power both politically & militarily to impose its will in the region.

            Which is why I hope that the international community will come to its senses & impose full sanctions on Israel till it concedes what must be done to solve this conflict. It will happen. THough I fear a major calamity must befall Israel-Palestine before it does.

          4. @ Zionauts: Gee, you appear to have missed the subtitle of the very article you offered:

            Claim by Saleh al-Arouri, a founder of Hamas’s military wing, is doubted by experts and not supported by other Hamas sources

            Why would you have omitted this inconvenient fact?

            You are done in this thread. Do not publish another comment here.

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