6 thoughts on “Israeli Supreme Court Gags New Permissive Police Open Fire Regulations – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I tried your imagination game and it doesn’t work. You ask the reader to imagine one scenario which had never happened before since the teenagers were civilians, and then ask me to imagine again how would Israelis respond. This is nonsense.

    The fact is even with Goldin it may or may not have been Haniba’al. It was a response during a ceasefire. So in fact, it was never invoked for a soldier, all the more so, for a civilian.

    1. @ Joe Horroritz:

      I tried your imagination game and it doesn’t work.

      That must be because you have no imaginaton. Which wouldn’t surprise me at all. Hasbarists generally don’t.

      As for the kidnapped teenagers being civilians–that’s just the point! The police have new regulations which, I believe, permit them to open fire in precisely the sorts of situations in which the teenagers were kidnapped. So, for example, I can easily imagine a situation in which kidnapped Israelis call 911 as these victims did just before they died. Then, when the police find them if they can’t free them easily, they open fire on both the Palestinian kidnappers and the Israeli victims in order to end the incident. This is the civilian equivalent of the Hannibal Directive.

      As both Haaretz & I have reported based on our own respective Israeli security sources (as opposed to you, who have no sources) that Goldin was a Hannibal victim. Whether a solider is captured during a ceasefire or active hostilities has no bearing on his status as a combatant. A bombatant is a combatant is a combatant.

      I’m really disappointed in the caliber of hasbarist assigned to us today. COuld you report back that we expect better in future?

        1. @Zionaut: You don’t know he was behind the kidnapping. This is what Israeli intelligence claimed, likely in order to blame Erdogan (Arouri was living in Turkey), with whom Israel was in a snit. Accepting whatever Israeli intelligence says as true is like a young actress accepting Harvey Weinstein’s promise he won’t paw & molest her.

          Not to mention that Israeli assassins are routinely promoted for murdering Palestinians. What’s the difference?

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          1. You claim Israel knows about all soft events thousands of kilometers away in Africa but not at its backyard?

            That’s funny!

          2. @Joe Horowitz: Again, since Israel is incredibly opaque about these matters, no one knows what the Mossad knew. But yes, it’s well known Israel had spies throughout Africa during the 50s & 60s. Any attempt to say otherwise is pure fakery. As for Israel not knowing what’s going on its backyard, sometimes it does & sometimes it’s caught with its pants down, as it was in Lebanon in 2006.

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