3 thoughts on “Nakba and Jim Crow: Mirror Images – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. They had the author of this book on NPR a few months ago. Comparisons/similarities to Palestinian History also came to my mind as well. Of course Native American ethnic cleansing / colonialism also has clear as day comparisons to whats currently happening in occupied Palestine. It’s the very same playbook.

  2. Human evil and a tendency to kill those who don’t agree with us extant to all humanity.

    At the risk of bringing false moral equivalence, a similar parallel [to the one you bring] is found in the forgotten millions of dead and displaced in the formation of Pakistan, the dissolution of East Pakistan and Indian independence.

    More recently the desperate struggles of the CAR, the DRC, Mali and other neighbouring countries have seen millions displaced and while it indeed is important to bring to light the genuine suffering of Arabs displaced at the formation of the Modern State of Israel, it is dangerous to highlight it as the only cause-celèbre in people displacement still worth remembering.

    1. @ Gefilte: As usual, you have me saying things I didn’t say. You know that I detest this habit. So don’t create a straw argument and stick to what I’ve said, not what you’d like me to have said.

      I never said there were no other instances of ethnic cleansing in world history. That’s a ridiculous view. In fact, just to be comprehensive, let’s also not forget the wars of conquest by the ancient Israelites which led to the extermination of several neighboring tribes.

      Nor does the fact that the human species inflicts mass pain on its members at points in history excuse the specific injustices perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians via the Nakba.

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