2 thoughts on “Trump Trashes Two-States…and 30 Years of U.S. Policy on Israel-Palestine – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Leaving it up to the two sides would of course also mean: no military aid to Israel. They know they are not neutral players in this at all.
    On the up side, during this administration Israel no longer feels the need to pretend. Netanyahu already proclaimed Israel is going to stay in the West Bank ‘for eternity’. (Apparently, using ridiculous Biblical language is in vogue.) That will not go over well in Europe and in the long run also in the US (after this disaster of an administration has finally left).
    Israel will never be important enough for countries like China, India and Russia to give it the kind of support the US and Europe give.

  2. My antennae went up too about this Kushner-Abbas meeting and the implications of what was said by Kushner which represents major policy shift for the US, if that is what it really is/becomes. Not much ripple about it here. Not taking sides on a two state solution, however more impossible it gets IS taking sides!! Again, it buys Israel more time to finish their project of Greater Israel. All along we have been taking sides, putting our heavy thumb on the I-P scale for Israel. I am still surprised Abbas is so seemingly docile. He is also steadfast and does have the power of “no”.

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