5 thoughts on “Have You No Shame, Mr. Trump? – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. In the extreme world of the left, you are not allowed to use your head but strictly follow ideals.
      So at an airport checkpoint you can either
      * check nobody – and take the risk
      * check everybody thoroughly – which will create a nightmare and cost a fortune
      * check passenger randomly – pure stupidity and what was done 10-15 years ago http://www.nydailynews.com/archives/news/security-check-ex-israel-pm-article-1.476113
      * check passengers according to some risk evaluation – YEY. A reasonable solution.

      1. @ Jim: In the world of constitutional democracies, you follow neither your head nor your ideals. You follow the law. Which says that everyone has rights to privacy including Muslims. The constitution doesn’t permit racial profiling. It does permit using specific criteria to identify suspected terrorists. But that is entirely different than immediately suspecting all Muslim seeking to enter the U.S. of being terrorists.

        check passengers according to some risk evaluation

        Really? “Some risk evaluation?” What does that even mean? It means whatever the security apparatus wants it to mean. And you’re over the moon happy with that because you trust your secret police and hope they’ll get every damn one of those Moos-lims.

    2. @Seamus Ignoramus: No they have not had the power to demand passwords for computers, mobile devices or social media accts. They have only recently begun demanding these. Shabak however has been doing this for years.

      As for Lily’s laptop, are you arguing that since then Shabak hasn’t done anything equally brutish, violent and abusive to travelers & their electronic devices?

  1. Over-all pretty good indictment of Trump. However, why is it always necessary to throw in the gratuitous Russia bashing: Trump’s flunkies who collaborated with the Russians to smear Trump’s opponent and fix an election.. No credible evidence has been presented supporting these allegations, they are nothing more that unsubstantiated allegations.

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