9 thoughts on “BREAKING: Shabak Arrests Jewish Terrorists Planning Attack Against Palestinians – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Nisim Levi is a very popular name. I suggest not publishing photos etc. before being very sure that it is the right Nisim Levi.
    Also, according to some sources there are 3 (not 2) suspects and 2 of them are minors.

    According to Israeli law the names of minors suspected of (or even convicted of) crimes can not be published so their names will never appear in the Israeli media.

    Now, just a small, though important, correction:
    -Itamar Ben Gvir, who is a fascist pig but unfortunately quite a smart one, was never an MK (though he tried to be).

    In addition:
    “Note that a crime of Jewish terror in which an entire Palestinian family was burned to death is called an act of “incitement,” rather than by its real name”.
    I found what seems to be the source of this qutation
    I think either what you have is a bad translation of this statement or perhaps the statement was altered (which is unlikely). Anyway, there is no mentioning of “incitement” but rather it refers to “Arson. (הצתה) ” Perhaps there was a problem in the English translation between “incitement” and “Incineration”?

    In any event, anyone living in Israel knows that what happened in Duma was referred by all as a heinous murder. This is how it was described by politicians of all parties and by the police. And indeed, the suspects (caught by the Shabac) were indicted with racially motivated murder, among other things

    So, it doesn’t make a lot of sense that all of the sudden the Shabac will not refer to it as murder.
    “Regarding the purported decline in price tag attacks, why would settler youth feel the need to burn down mosques when the IDF and police are doing such a stellar job of murdering Palestinians (240 dead in the past year since the beginning of what I’ve called the Lone Wolf Intifada). With a government essentially doing the settlers’ bidding, what need is there to engage in terror”

    First, I assume you do know that most of those 240 Palestinians were killed while they stabbed (in few cases shot) Israeli soldiers/police/civilians or tried to do so. More than 40 Israelis were killed in these incidents. So, calling it “murder” seems inappropriate to me.

    Second, “price tag” attacks were more common when the number of Palestinians killed by the IDF was actually higher. Take 2014 for example: More “price tag” attacks than this year and a much higher number of Palestinians killed by the IDF. So, by a statistical analysis one can conclude that there is no inverse relationship between the two phenomena. What is more likely is that the majority of settlers finally realized that the “price tag” attacks are harming their cause and that the Shabac indeed finally managed to infiltrate the close groups of extreme settlers and begun severely limiting the activity of extreme activists even if there are not enough evidence to put them to trial (i.e. using administrative imprisoning and restraining orders).

    1. @ Amico: you are right. I made an error in assuming the Hebrew word was hasatah (“incitement) instead of what it was, hatzatah (“arson”). Thanks for helping me figure out that error.

      Of course I realize Nissim Levy is a common name & would need to confirm the name identifies the particular suspect in this case. That seems almost self evident to me. But I just wanted to confirm I was aware of this.

  2. I just watched the Empire Files’ (Abby Martin) latest expose about the settlers (on youtube). Highly recommended.

    I used to do army reserve duty in Israel, and before I left for good my unit was training to go do guard duty in the occupied territories. I basically had two choices – leave Israel or go to jail for refusing to guard settlers. I’m glad I did the former.

    I think had I been stationed in Hebron I would probably try to help the Palestinians while there, which would doubtless lead to a huge blowup with the settlers (who are the masters of the army). Every time I see those Hebron settlers and what they do to the Palestinians, I find myself hating them more and more. Resisting these shits in any way (including with violence) is NOT terrorism in my opinion.

    1. Funny how no post about the 4 soldiers who were ran over… only a post about those arrested for planning revenge. Because after all we have to find anything bad about Israel and ignore anything bad that is done to Israelis.( or those evil settlers), because it is all justified

    2. DDanny, while I sympathies with your sentiment, I must say that your description is not really that accurate:
      you wrote: ” basically had two choices – leave Israel or go to jail for refusing to guard settlers. I’m glad I did the former”.
      In reality most Israeli’s don’t really do reserve duty. Many find a way to be exempt for good and I am sure you could have done it too. Its very easy. Others, simply get ad hoc exemptions time and again (because of work, exams, family issues etc) and after they do it few years in a row the army simply stops summoning them. That what happened to me and did not even tried to do it deliberately…
      So, in reality, the only ones doing reserve duty in Israel are those who wants to. They are de facto volunteers.

      Now, one can of course decide to refuse to serve in the territories and spend some time in jail. But this is more of a political statement (that you could have made if the issue is so important to you) than a necessity.

      “think had I been stationed in Hebron I would probably try to help the Palestinians while there, which would doubtless lead to a huge blowup with the settlers (who are the masters of the army).”

      This is surely possible. It happened to me there on a small scale. But by being there you can make a small difference. You can be the one that stop settler kids from harassing Palestinians as we did. In Hebron you mostly have young conscripts these days and that is exactly why the settlers can dominate them. Its hard for a 19 year old kid to say no to a man that could be his father. its a different story when the soldier is an experienced 30 year old man.

  3. Hi Richard. Not sure what Moishe kepoya means.

    You managed to take a murder of 4 soldiers and twist it into an anti Israel article about netanayahu claim regarding Isis.

    1. @ Moiseh Kepoya: Of course you don’t know who “Moishe Kepoya” is. Because it comes from a denigrated Diaspora Jewish language you & your Zionist forebears derided, Yiddish. Did you ever think of doing a 20 second Google search? Look it up.

      So now you concede I DID write a post about the murders, when you falsely claim I hadn’t. Now your beef is that I didn’t rail about Palestinian terror & attacked Bibi for lying about the affiliation of the attacker.

      I ain’t your Zio-poodle, buster. If that’s what you’re looking for go visit the dog pound.

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