19 thoughts on “Mr. Hasbara’s Dog and Pony Show Hits Seattle – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. So, while the topic is nick names, if he is Mr. Hasbara, what does it makes you?
    Mr. anti-Hasbara, anti-Mr. Hasbara, Mr. anti-ISrael advocacy. I guess you might prefer Mr. exposure.

    What does “I consider myself a supporter of Israel” means when you focus on bringing up (and mostly speculating) about what wrong with Israel? And how doing so in such nonconstructive way (mainly lingual) support anything?

    1. @ Sivan: Tzinor Layla once called me Israel’s Wikileaks.

      What does “I consider myself a supporter of Israel” means when you focus on bringing up (and mostly speculating) about what wrong with Israel? And how doing so in such nonconstructive way (mainly lingual) support anything?

      We’ve been over this question hundreds of times before here. Please don’t make me groan when you ask this after it’s been asked & answered repetitively before here. You have a twisted understanding of what “supporting Israel means.” It means treating Israel like a responsible adult & not a feeble child which deserves coddling & fawning attention.

      If you want to read authors who really railed against what’s wrong with Israel, reread your prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos.

      1. That again? Tzinor Laila never called you “the Israeli wikileaks” – they said, seen very clearly in the video on youtube btw – that YOU call YOURSELF the Asange, the Israeli wikileaks.

          1. @OneIsraeli: Readers take note: this is a meme started by Aussie David Lange going back 3 yrs. First he started it then his acolytes tried to peddle it here. OneIsraeli seems to be yet another in a long line of Lange-liars. It was a lie when he started it & it’s a lie now. Anyone henceforth who brings up or repeats this lie will be automatically banned. I resent the hell out of having to spend 30 minutes of my life researching this nonsense to establish that you are what you are and that I am honest & accurate.

            I’m afraid that not only is the proof not in the pudding. But you’ve made a total hash of the pudding. You are not only a liar, but an ignorant one at that. And David Lange, who you mistakenly rely on to purvey truth is even worse.

            In this January 17, 2011 blog post, I embedded a video of a Tzinor Layla segment in which reporter Nitay Elboym called me the “Wikileaks of Israel.” He did not say that I called myself that. This was his own statement which he originated. Now it may be that in subsequent video segments Guy Lerer said that I claimed I was the Wikileaks of Israel. But Guy Lerer is an self-important, Establishment-boot-licking, clever asshole and it wouldn’t surprise me that he did. Note that I haven’t appeared on that show for years & I told Nitay why I wouldn’t. But the first reference to Wikileaks came from Nitay, who I continue to respect. Anything Guy Lerer said on the subject followed what Nitay said.

            I’m not going to give you a chance to apologize. I’m banning you outright because you lied & you relied on the word of an inveterate scumbag liar, David Lange.

          2. Looking at the timeline, Richard seems to be right.

            But what they emphasize is that while Wikileak brings to light information that was unknown, Richard mostly breaks stories that are known to the reporters but they are not allowed to write about.

            Now of course Richard will discount the importance of that fact but any intelligent person can see the difference.

          3. @ Sivan: Lerer’s claim is wrong. We’ve been over this ground before. What another reporter may know but not publish doesn’t count. If I have the Great American Novel in my head but don’t publish it, is the guy who does publish the real Great American Novel, not deserving of full credit? Or does he deserve less credit because another guy had that novel first in his head?

            If two writers each know a true story but one of them doesn’t publish anything about it & the other writes a best selling non-fiction book about it, does the published author deserve less credit?

            All that counts in journalism is what appears on the printed page. Not what some guy hears or knows but won’t or can’t print. Now, if you want to end Israeli censorship so all Israeli journalists can publish what they want, when they want, I may have less scoops. That’s an eventuallity I would welcome.

            Thanks for your honesty in admitting I am right. Now tell that OneIsraeli asshole he was wrong too.

          4. Scoops/news are not novels. Your example is terrible!

            If you published first a story you deserve credit for what? If you are not the source of the story, you deserve ZILTCH.

            Assange and wikileak are sources, not you.

            And… not much of what you write “appears on the printed page”

          5. @ Sivan: I used the example of a true story. YOu neglected that I’m afraid. If you & I were both journalists & I published a book based on a true story which you also knew about, would that diminish my achievement merely because you knew about the story & could’ve published your own book but didn’t? NO it wouldn’t.

            Assange was not a source, Chelsea Manning was. You’d make a terrible journalist. I suggest you never try it.

            You’re done in this thread.

          6. [comment deleted: you are banned. I clearly stated that anyone raising this non-issue again would be banned, which you now are.]

  2. So what can we do to protest this persons obvious propaganda aimed at children? The SWUNW website doesnt make it clear where these evens are taking placing, which colleges and highschools are involved, and which local agencies/communities are sponsoring them.

  3. Two things, Richard.
    1) I got three copies of this email. Can you straighten that out?
    2) Why do you indulge these trolls? Cut them off after one or two exchanges. As Rodney Dangerfield would have said, “Take my troll. PLEASE!”

    1. @ Mary Wilson: You were subscribed to the Daily Digest & Weekly e mail notifications, which is why you were getting 2 sets of notifications. I’ve unsubscribed you from the Weekly notice so you will receive a notice every day on which I publish a new post.

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