6 thoughts on “Rabbi Rotter’s False Claims – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Congratulations Richard. I couldn’t understand a word, of course, but I could certainly see they were referring to this blog, which was shown repeatedly in the video.

    1. It wasn’t the best story since it was rushed and referred only fleetingly to my reporting. But most importantly, it allowed a leader of the Sheikh Jarrah protesters to state on camera the outrages that Rotter has perpetrated during the weekly demos. Either this will make Rotter even more enraged & take this out of the propesters; or else it will force him to mind his p’s & q’s.

  2. YOU WRITE: “Isn’t this the way of the violent Israeli settler right, though? They commit or incite acts of violence against their Arab or Jewish enemies and then when they’re called on it they whine about how THEY are the victims of blood libels.”

    Assuming their “Arabs and Jewish enemies” haven’t accused them of using the blood of (Arabs and Jewish enemies ??) to make Matzos, this use (by Jewish Israeli Settler right-wingers) of the term-of-art “blood libel” is about the same as Sarah Palin’s use of it. Altho, perhaps her use of the target-symbols should not be called “incitement” to violence.

    Let the world take note.

  3. To paraphrase Jefferson (paraphrasing a 17th Century Leveller): It is the glory of a free person to be denounced by someone like Rotter.

  4. in the meantime in France (a bit off-topic but somewhat related…), our local lobby (you have Aipac, we have Crif) succeeded in cancelling a conference by Stephane Hessel, and is proud of it. For those outside France who don’t know Stephane Hessel yet, he’s one of our highest moral authorities and his wiki-mini-bio already speaks volume…

    As he always fought all kinds of injustice for the last 70 years, needless to say he’s not tender with what Israel has become.

    the planned conference today had many guests, and many are certainly considered worse than plague for the crif…
    (Haneen Zoabi, Leila Shahid, Michel Warschawski, I’m sure you know those names 😉

    but some phone calls and threats later, bam, l’ecole normale superieure cancelled the meeting. what you can do in israel, you can’t even do it in France nowadays, this is insane…


    -sorry for my crappy english-

    1. Nurit Peled-Elhanan and the former French Minister of Justice, Elisabeth Guigou, were also planned to speak.
      Ecole Normale Supérieure is a public institution forming the top bureaucrats of the world-known French bureaucracy: slowest in the Western world.
      And Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL among friends) was of course among the phone callers: between Sakineh, Darfour, Roman Polanski and a trip to Gaza sitting on top of an Israeli tank, preventing BDS-meetings in the public sphere is his new crusade.

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