14 thoughts on “Israeli Military Censor: On a Fool’s Errand – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. It was an interesting read, but as usual, you do not seem to read the stories you link to yourself, Barbar.

    2. @ Bernie/Barbar: As Elizabeth noted, the article proves the exact opposite of what you claim. Though the FBI overreacted to Lopez’ and arrested him without filing charges, in the end the system worked. He was released and charges against him dropped. He may even sue the government and win a few million dollars. Can any Palestinian Israeli imagine that happening to them in Israel? When will Dirar Abusisi get out of prison after his fraudulent, trumped up case? Where are the millions he should be able to claim for wrongful arrest, kidnapping, etc.?

      So yes, there was the injustice of 14 months in a U.S. prison. But he finally found the legal & psychological support he needed to prove his innocence.

  1. The article doesn’t say your reports are tricky but that sending you information in order to pass Israel censorship is a trick.

  2. “It also houses a camp for the families of fighters on the Israeli occupied side of the line.” – nonsense!
    That would be a big issue and it wasn’t reported anywhere. Even fighters treated in Israel were covered but a whole camp gets zilch coverag???

  3. @ Richard
    Jack Khoury reported the name of Sami al-Atawna in Haaretz nearly a week ago: “For their part, the Fatah sites reported that Sami al-Atawna, a senior member of the Hamas tunnel-digging unit in east Jabalya, fled to Israel. The reports did not say whether Israeli authorities had been able to get him to collaborate with them. ”

  4. @Richard:
    ” If they accepted her claims here that she is protecting the State, they wouldn’t do what they do. But they don’t. And their view is entirely legitimate. ”

    This view poses a serious problem. The IDF censor is not a personal crusade, she is carrying out Israeli law. Does this mean that an individual who disagrees with a law (for whatever reasons) that is it “legitimate” to breach it? As you know, these people, if caught, would be charged, convicted and likely jailed by a court of law.
    As you know, the right wing extremists here use the same “moral” argument for doing what they do. So do some US tax cheats.

    So what you are doing is sanctioning breaking the law because of your conception of secular humanist progressive liberal values.
    Does civil disobedience go only one way? Is it legitimate for conservative activists to use this tool? Do we leave this up to individual conscience?

    Please explain.

    1. @ Yehuda: Three comment per day goes into effect for you. Please respect this and do not monopolize the comment threads.

      As for the rule of law, yes, laws must be just. If they are not morally just, then citizens may disobey them. If the State wishes it may prosecute them. In a decent country, the citizens will realize that such laws are unjust & will cancel them. That is what happened in the 1960s during the Civil Rights movement here. Such a thing can never happen in Israel. The nutcases rule the asylum. THe criminals are the judges.

      So if Ben Avraham has the guts to arrest my source she’ll make many enemies in places she would not likely wish to make them. In fact, I am sure she would arrest them if she could. But she can’t. And thank God for that.

      Right wing extremists have no moral argument. Their argument is racist and genocidal. But the fact that Israel as a whole either endorses or tacitly accepts the settler narrative reinforces the notion that the lunatics are running the Israeli asylum.

      My values are not “secular humanist,” but international law, something standard to western democracies, but alien to Israel. Further, my values are JEWISH. Never ever attempt to sever my values from Judaism.

      Your argument that settlers claim the same right to disobey as leftists has been tried here many times before. It failed before and failed again. You’re done in this thread.


        Judaism isn’t about turning the other chick but about morals where the poor isn’t right b/c of its sufferings

        1. @ Israel: Has anyone raised that tired hasbara meme? Only about 20 times. Can I tell you how much it bores me for your to be the 21st?? It’s completely inapplicable in the case of Israel’s campaign of murder against Palestinians.

          1. And why are those rules ‘completely innaplica’ in the current wave of Palestinian stabbing attempts? Are they not trying to kill people? Or is it justified b/c of ‘the occupation’?

            And all the talk about INTERNATIONAL LAW is also a bit over the top. Those rules were introduced very recently and they still go through changes and been shaped. They are constantly broken by many countries and the number of disagreements on borders alone surpasses 100.
            While I’m not saying int’l law has no merit, swearing by it is like swearing by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It is not an absolute moral system but a result of clashes of interests of powerful nations less than a century ago which themselves follow or don’t follow it depends on their current needs.

          2. @ Israel: If Palestinians are “trying to kill people,” they’re doing a lousy job of it. But yes, I would say resistance against the Israeli military is entirely justified until you recognize Palestinian indigenous rights to their land, sovereignty, and political self determination. When you do that, then you will have to right to demand that such resistance cease & I will support you.

            INTERNATIONAL LAW is also a bit over the top. Those rules were introduced very recently

            NOPE, the roots of international law go back nearly a century. So unless you are God and speaking of cosmic time, then international law is no recent phenomenon. This body of law goes through changes just like any body of law. Just because it may change does not weaken its validity.

            Of course there are border disagreements. And largely because the parties refuse to recognize international law, as Israel does. When a nation wishes to steal the land of another it always does so in violation of international law, refusing to recognize the applicability of such law to its case. That in turn breeds anger, resentment & violence by the victim nation.

            It is not an absolute moral system but a result of clashes of interests of powerful nations

            Nope again. International law is not based on political power. It is based on legal principles. Those are entirely different things.

            I urge you to only write about what you know. And if you think you know something, prove it with credible sources. You are, once again, expressing opinions with no basis in fact. You will not persuade anyone here just by expressing opinions.

            I would suggest that you relay a message to Frank Luntz and the hasbara consultants at Hasbara Central. Suggest to them that they hire one of us 😜 to tell their charges how to craft a strong hasbara message. Because people like you make a mess out of it & do your cause ill in the process.

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