37 thoughts on “IDF Warns No Military Solution to Palestinian Intifada – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. AMAN is repeating the same tired old record of the financial prosperity brings stability. This is an old record – going back to the 80s.

    And to a certain extent it is true – in the short to medium term.

    However most revolutionary / terrorist (an independence fighter to one, is a terrorist to another) originates from the relatively prosperous middle class. Ignorant hard working farmers don’t have time on their hands and haven’t had the time to study or read – but rather work hard from dawn to dusk, are usually not revolutionaries. Revolutionaries spring from the malcontents among the children of the middle class – children (and I use the term loosely – these are in their teens and twenty-somthings mostly) who have ample time of their hand, who don’t work, and are seeking a higher goal or purpose than just eking out a living.

    Looking at Syria as an example, the strategy of the bloodthirsty dictator there has been to bomb and choke restive areas, so that the people there are reduced to the bare subsistence level. It even seems that Assad, who many thought would be toppled in short order a few years ago, might even “win”.

    Sometimes radical out of the box thinking regarding economic opportunities is in order. Are we better off with an economy like Burundi next door? Or Macedonia (FYR)?

  2. I remember the last time the Gazans were graciously allowed a port by their Israeli masters.
    The Netherlands and France were graciously allowed to pay for it by their Israeli benefactors. Naturally it was then was bombed to smithereens by the IDF because of Israel’s ‘right to defend itself’.
    Then, the Netherlands were graciously allowed to donate a multi-million Euro scanner to Israel, to increase export from Gaza through Israel. The scanner was never used for this purpose, and the Dutch prime minister who was visiting Israel and was supposed to participate in an inauguration ceremony, was made a fool of: Israel showing the European anti-Semites who is boss.
    There will be a time when Europe is really fed up with this behavior and no longer willing to foot the bill. In Israel that will be chalked up as proof of Europe’s anti-Semitic DNA.


  3. Hamas needs to renounce terror, same as the IRA did, and begin meaningful peace negotiations, same as the IRA did.

    They can start the process with an act of good faith, like by returning that Ethiopian Jew they’re now holding prisoner.

    The US-China rapproachment began with a ping pong torney. Time for Hamas to get the ball rolling.

    1. @Babar:

      Why should Hamas renounce “terror” (all Hamas operations targeting IDF, Border Police, Shin Bet, and rabid “settlers” armed with assault rifles in the West Bank are militarily legitimate) while Israel reserves the right to attack and kill any Palestinian, military or non-combatant, that it wants to?

      ” and begin meaningful peace negotiations, same as the IRA did.”

      The onus here, as per usual, is on Israel to actually make peace negotiations meaningful. Palestinians of all affiliations have no reason to see “negotiation” with Israel as anything other then a pathetic farce that Israel uses strictly for its own gain.

      ” They can start the process with an act of good faith, like by returning that Ethiopian Jew they’re now holding prisoner.”

      No. Hamas should be on watch for chances to grab more IDF personnel while Israel continues with its policies of detention without charge for thousands of Palestinians.

      Let Israel free all prisoners in administrative detention first.

      ” The US-China rapproachment began with a ping pong torney. Time for Hamas to get the ball rolling”

      No. Time for Israel to get serious about negotiations with any and all main Palestinian factions. It is Israel, once again, who needs to gain a basic level of trust with the Palestinians, who have had their fingers burnt far too many times when it comes to farcical Israeli actions concerning “negotiations” or the alleged peace process.

      1. @Kyle

        It’s great being part of the solution, Kyle.
        It’s great living so far from the region that you are 100% safe from the violence here.
        It’s great that your so detached, that you have nothing to actually lose or gain.
        It’s great that you have the luxury of only talking, and not having to act.

        1. So you admire the Aryan type? Interesting. I think many Israeli’s do.
          (Trying to keep my comments as dumb and irrelevant as yours.)

    2. @ Barbar: Actually, no. Israel needs to renounce terror. As soon as it actually respects ceasefires instead of breaking them; as soon as it stops targeted assassinations; as soon as it stops treating Gaza civilians as a punching bad, then it can start the process with a act of good faith, like freeing the hundreds of Palestinian prisoners it holds, including 600 held under administrative detention with no charges or trial. Maybe then someone somewhere in the world will believe is a real partner for peace.

      Talking about getting the ball rolling, you’ve got a lot of ball-rolling to do…

        1. Ah, here is our “supporter of B’Tselem, Machsom Watch, Adalah and Breaking the Silence” again.

          There is something you pro-Israel propagandists never understand: You think you just have to point to someone’s home country or some other country where things are ‘worse’ or ‘ just as bad’.
          What you don’t get is that none of us defends or belittles such crimes, while YOU do.
          (And I wonder how you would hold under such ‘very, very mild ‘torture’, tough guy. The Duma settler hero’s didn’t take it too well, did they?)

          1. @ Barbar: None of the sources to which you’ve linked have called Shabak “torture lite” or questioned the severity of the methods used. Nor have they said that the PA methods of torture are more severe. BTW, you’ve forgotten the rape of Dirani by IDF officer-thug, Doron Zahavi. Further, Israel often dispenses with torture techniques & simply murders suspects, better known as targeted killings. That’s something even the PA cannot yet do. Hurrah for you, hurrah for your version of Zionism! Building better nations through torture!

            Remember, no more than 3 comments in any 24 hour period. Do not monopolize the threads.

            If you continue offering sources which don’t support the claims you are making your comments may be deleted. Whatever standards of truth & accuracy you’re used to are clearly lower than what’s demanded here. Keep that in mind.

        2. @Barbarian: you place the word “torture” in quotes indicating you dispute the claim that Shabak engages in it, when the whole ointment of B’Tselem’s rpt is to prove I it’s is real, systematic & shameful.

          The U.S. operated black sites & tortued at Abu Graibh under Bush Cheney. Our current president, imperfect as he is, ceased such abhorrent practices & conceded they were torture. When will Israel?

        3. We should more systematically check up on the links Barbar provides. He is just bluffing. The NGO reports he refers to do not speak of “mild, mild” “totture at all. They say about the opposite. Here is a representative quote:

          “The testimonies include multiple reports of a policy that includes violence and humiliation during detention, inhumane conditions in crowded and filthy facilities, cutting off a detainee from the outside world while causing loss of orientation, decreased amounts and inferior quality of food, exposure to extreme heat and cold, prolonged handcuffing to the interrogation chair at various painful angles and postures, long-term sleep deprivation, threats, curses, shouts and insults.”

          1. Arie, Barbar only reads the Ynet ‘versions’ of these reports! He’s just an annoying little troll.

      1. Israel does not have to renounce terror because Israel isn’t not a terrorist State or terrorist organization.

        Hamas, on the other hand, has been designated a terrorist organization by the United Canada , the European Union and Egypt.
        Japan froze Hamas assets according to its legislation on terrorist entities in 2006. Australia and the United Kingdom have designated the military wing of Hamas as a terrorist organization, and the organization is also banned in Jordan.

        To wit, Hamas must renounce terror and sit down and negotiate a final solution.

        1. @ This entire blog exists as a refutation of your claim about what Israel is. It most certainly IS a terror state. You also might want to explore the meaning of double negatives, as you inadvertently just agreed with me.

          As for “Final Solutions,” I presume your choice of words was inadvertent as well.

          1. @Richared

            Is the United States a ‘terror state’? If not, why?

            *Something tells me I’ve just over monopolized*

          2. @ Barbar: Yes, the U.S. is a state which engages in terror. But unlike Israel, the U.S. is not a garrison state. Our entire existence as a country is not obsessively focussed on national security and we don’t employ terrorism throughout our military, intelligence & foreign policy apparatus as Israel does.

  4. Netanyahu’s objective has always been “Greater Israel”. Coming to any “settlements’ of any description is not part of his agenda. IDF is just playing good guy bad guy to convince Euro politicians that a settlement is possible meanwhile the Zionist billionaires strangle democracy within those countries.

  5. @Alec “….to convince Euro politicians that a settlement is possible meanwhile the Zionist billionaires strangle democracy within those countries.”

    It is possible to disagree with Israeli government policy without resorting to old-fashioned anti-semitic tropes involving conspiracy theories about those greedy Jewish businessmen who control everything. We all know what you mean by “zionist” and who you are referring to. Stop hiding behind bigotry.

    1. @ Yehuda: So there are no “Zionist billionaires strangling democracy?” Ever heard of Sheldon Adelson? The Citizens United Supreme Court decision which permitted him to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to elect a Bibi-lite candidate as next president?

      Or the Zionist billionaires on the board of the Republican Jewish Coalition?

      ‘Anti-Semitism’ my ass.

      1. I am referring to Alec’s claim about Zionist billionaires strangling European democracies. When I think of the challenges facing European democracies at this time, I hardly think that Zionist billionaires are up there at the top of the list. LOL

        As for Sheldon Edelson in the US, he is a player in a much larger system of big businesses and big money influencing the political system. That’s how the American system works. Even if I don’t like it, I can hardly blame Edelson for the problem. You’re singling him out because you disagree with his politics.

        1. @ yehuda: Sheldon Adelson is the wealthiest Jew in America and one of the wealthiest men in America. Despite America begin a “larger system” he has a huge, outsized influence on anything he chooses to impact. You certainly can blame Adelson for poisoning politics with his money. He’s one of the worst practitioners of this.

        2. Well Yehuda there are plenty of Jewish billionaires who are actively participating in Jewish/Israeli lobbying in Western and Eastern Europe. Actually the amount of Jewish billionaires especially in Russia and Ukraine is simply astonishing and can hardly be explained by normal high level talent and business instincts or using statistical facts.

          As a small example of these “connection” is the Finnish Jewish billionaire Poju Zabludowicz who is in Britain a active financier of the Conservative party Conservative Friends of Israel and Cameron. He surely doesn’t do that without a return in favors. And Poju’s connections to Adelson (Zabludowicz is said to own 40 percent of the lands of down town Las Vegas) and Israel’s military establishment are well known.

          Always when the “Jewish connections” are brought up in controlling countries and discussion about issues relating to Israel, it is turned by the pro-Israeli side to “do you claim that Jews control the whole world” and the normal antisemitism howling begins. Nobody claims in earnest that Jewish millionaires and billionaires do control the whole world, but nobody can deny the fact that these individuals use eagerly their influence and possibilities in controlling the “discussion” and relations towards Israel in Europe and USA.

          For example in Finland any wider analytical public discussion about Israel has been made nearly impossible. Always when some politician or researcher tried in public to explain how/why Israel is so influential and express views how this status is held, it did lead to a insane aggressive counter attack where the local Jews and international Jewish organizations in herds did throw their holocaust, antisemitism and Nazi cards on the table , without discussing about the original real topic in question. Today here people, politicians, researchers, reporters etc avoid analyzing Israel and the situation around it in public. The media publishes mostly only translations of international news agencies’ news about the events in Israel. Own critically analytical stories are rare in Finnish main media (few reporters are ready to be accused to be antisemitic if they write something Israel doesn’t like). And that common international development is a result of a planed and organized strategy in which the Jewish billionaires and millionaires are essential “tools” .

        3. @SimoHurtta. This is an old trope. That Jews have been disproportionately successful in many fields, in relation to their numbers, is nothing new. Yes, they are, relatively speaking, over-represented in science, law and business in the western world, However, this influence is completely blown out of proportion. “Jewish wealth” is still a small fraction of the world’s assets, and hardly dominates.
          Look at Forbe’s list

          How many are of Jewish background, and, among them, how many are politically active on behalf of Zionism?

          1. @ Yehuda: It doesn’t take many Zio-billionaires to poison the well when it comes to Israel. This is not an issue of “Jewish wealth” as you false portray it, nor how many or few Zio-billionaires there are. It is wealth used by pro-Israel billionaires to make criticism of Israel into a crime, to criminalize free speech, to turn the Jewish community into a cheering section for the crimes of the State of Israel. THese are just a few of such individuals in the U.S.: Adelson, Haim Saban, Paul Singer, Seth Klarman, Norman Braman, Steven Cohen, Bernie Marcus, Ronald Lauder, Les Wexner, etc.

            This is your last comment in this thread. Move on.

  6. And here is a quote from the 2015/16 Amnesty International report on Israel/Palestine:

    “Torture and other ill-treatment

    Israeli military and police forces, as well as Israel Security Agency (ISA) personnel, tortured and otherwise ill-treated Palestinian detainees, including children, particularly during arrest and interrogation. Reports of torture increased amid the mass arrests of Palestinians that began in October. Methods included beating with batons, slapping, throttling, prolonged shackling, stress positions, sleep deprivation and threats.”

  7. From Wikipedia:

    The human rights group B’Tselem estimated that 85% of all Palestinian detainees suspected of terrorism are subject to prolonged sleep deprivation; prolonged sight deprivation or sensory deprivation; forced, prolonged maintenance of body positions that grow increasingly painful; confinement in tiny, closet-like spaces; exposure to temperature extremes, such as in deliberately overcooled rooms; prolonged toilet and hygiene deprivation; and degrading treatment, such as forcing detainees to eat and use the toilet at the same time. Allegations have been made of frequent beatings. Such acts violate Article 16 of the United Nations Convention Against Torture. In January 2000, B’Tselem claimed that the Israeli General Security Service’s (GSS) methods of interrogation amounted to the five techniques: “[The] GSS used methods comparable to those used by the British in 1971, viz. sleep deprivation, infliction of physical suffering, and sensory isolation. But the GSS used them for much longer periods, so the resulting pain and suffering were substantially greater. In addition, the GSS used direct violence… Thus,… in practice, the GSS methods were substantially more severe than those used by the British in 1971…”

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