9 thoughts on “Bay Area Jewish Synagogue, StandWithUs Host Roseanne Barr, Who Equated Nazism and Zionism – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Roseann Barr is a nutcase but no worse than StandwithUS. There are legitimate comparisons to be made between Zionism and Nazism, the master race mentality being only the more obvious, but she’s not capable of making it. Protesting her appearance is simply an indication that not only is StandwithUS taking her seriously, but you and Jim Harris are as well.

    1. @ Jeff Blankfort: That’s nonsense. I’m not taking her seriously in the same way SWU is. I’m not engaging her to do fundraising. I’m not endorsing her views like SWU is. I’m educating the world about her views. I’m pointing out the hypocrisy of two major Jewish institutions which have embraced her. Whether you believe it or not, this is an important mission.

  2. Instead of pleading the 5th, I suppose Barr could plead the comic, and claim that any such obtuse past comments were made in jest. Some of them are so far out there that one could claim that prima facie they are but a joke as no sane individual would utter them in earnest.

    It would seem on the face of it that she hated just about everyone at some point.

    I guess this is what you get when you try to recruit a B-list (does she rate a B? not sure she’s that high this far away from her TV show) celebrity for an event.

  3. RS: you have a website malfunction which, on my screen, shows up to the right (right margin) opposite
    the title
    Passage from Roseanne Barr’s personal website (2010)

  4. While not trying to diminish the heinous nature of her remarks, I think it’s important to note that she is off her meds. I believe the clinical term would be; “crazy as a shithouse rat”. The fact that SWU and the Israeli gov’t seem to be promoting their association with her is either a sign of a complete disconnect on their part or of their desperation to convince the world that white is black and up is down.

  5. Richard thanks for this piece. I’ve been trying to figure Roseanne out for a while, ever since I “met” her on twitter.

    I’ve been following your site and re-posting some of your pieces on fb , because in my opinion you add such a necessary insight to so many of the things I study, and several of my readers agree. As an anti communitarian researcher, Zionism is obviously one of the topics I have to study.

    I don’t know that this proves RB is crazy, to me it’s a standard communitarian shift that happens often, and I think we’ll be seeing it a lot more from other players in the near future.

    1. @ Niki: Have you seen my post on Amitai Etzioni? If not, google the name here & you’ll find it. I’m planning something new on him. But it won’t focus on his academic work, rather on his statements about Israel-Palestine, etc.

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