18 thoughts on “BREAKING: After MKs Appeal to Supreme Court, Shabak Arrests 2 New Suspects in Dawabshe Murders – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. I’ll try to give you a short list of inaccuracies:
        1. “Israeli-Palestinian Joint List Knesset faction” there is no such faction. You probably meant the “Joint List”.
        2. “Kfar Tapuach, one of the most violent settlements”. As someone who lives in the area and knows several people that live there, this is very far from the truth. I believe that you (along with many other people) fell for this story that was started some 15-20 years ago. The fact that a murderer came from a place doesn’t make the whole place violent.
        3. “Considering her son destroyed a Palestinian family and home” Innocent until proven guilty?!?
        4. “the architect of the crime was not convicted”. The key missing word here is yet. He has not been convicted as the court is waiting for the outcome of a psychiatric evaluation. You make it sound like he was let off the hook.

        Final note, lest you think that I approve or support these people, I wish to state clearly that I would like nothing less than have them rot in jail (after they have their day in court, of course).
        I would be happy to read more of what you bring, if you could do so at least semi-objectively.

        1. @ The G: You do not understand what “inaccuracy” means.

          First, The Joint List is an Israeli-Palestinian Knesset faction just as Likud and other Jewish parties have Knesset factions. So this is not an inaccuracy.
          Second, Kfar Tapuach is widely known as a hotbed of violence against Palestinians. Of course, since you acknowledge you are a settler and share the views of those who live there you would object to this designation. A 5 second Google search turned up numerous examples of websites which note the settlement’s penchant for violence and terror attacks. INcluding this passage from a Council on Foreign Relations report on Kahanism:

          The 2006 [State Department] Country Report [on terror] lists the West Bank settlements—Kiryat Arba, near Hebron, and Kfar Tapuach—as primary areas of Kahanist support.

          Anyone who kills a baby is a nasty thug. If these four Jewish pogromists are innocent they should be able to prove it in a trial. I look forward to it.

          There is no “yet” in the sentence I wrote about the murder trial because the cheap legal trick attempted by the defense could easily lead to a retrial or the killer being let off as mentally ill. Either option will further delay justice being done. So saying the ringleader of the murder “was not convicted” is perfectly reasonable. He literally was not convicted. Period.

          In short, you have exposed precisely 0 inaccuracies in my post. But I will point you to an inaccuracy in a different post I wrote last night which other readers caught (not you). I mistranslated “tomato juice” for “grape juice!” If you look harder you might be able to enjoy a few Gotcha moments here catching errors. But this comment didn’t offer any.

          I could care less about your views of these murderers. Nor do I believe anything you say about your views regarding them. You live near and sympathize with the Kahanists of Kfar Tapuach. That’s all we need to know. If you really wanted to make a strong statement regarding settler terrorism you’d either leave the stolen land you occupy or you’d express willingness to live there under Palestinian sovereignty along with your willingness to see Palestinians return to their homes inside Israel; just as you view yourself as returning to an ancestral Jewish home. As I don’t hear you saying any of those things, I have no interest in your efforts to whitewash your conscience.

        2. “I would like nothing less than have them rot in jail (after they have their day in court, of course).”

          How about Palestinian terrorists? They are usually shot without trial (video’s of these ‘incidents’ are all over the internet) and their houses destroyed. Do you think they should have their day in court as well, or is that only for Jews? Do you think the houses of these Jewish terrorists should be blown up?

  1. Actually, although I disagree with Richard’s views on almost everything the reason I keep coming back to his blog is because of his impeccable sources within the Israeli security establishment. I live in Israel and I know that if I really want to be up to date with what’s going on behind the scenes, then chances are it’s in this blog.

    For raw news/intelligence scoops this is the place to be.

    1. @ Meyer: I don’t usually publish garbage comments like yours which are nothing more than personal opinion. But I loved how you hedged your bets here:

      another self hating Jew or maybe not

      And simply had to publish it. But if you publish another comment in the same vein that doesn’t catch my fancy, look out.

  2. Thabjs for this info!!

    I understand there is a second major gag order in place on a completely unrelated topic.

    You got anything?

    1. @ Anonymous: Please pick another name. There are way too many commenters choosing the same one & it confuses everyone.

      Yes, I know about it & I’m trying furiously to confirm it. It’s a BIG story.

      UPDATE: I haven’t been able to confirm this story you’ve mentioned. So until I can, I consider it either a hoax, disinformation, or just plain wrong.

  3. I’ll have to agree with Harry on this one – thank you for publishing these news Richard.
    I will say one thing in defense of the police though – handling cases like this isn’t as simple as you make it seem. You can’t just barge in, blowing your whistle and flashing your badge, arrest everyone and be over – you need to collect more evidence and build a stronger case if you don’t want these assholes to walk free within days (and keep in mind that they can probably afford damn good lawyers). Technically, it’s the police/state attorneys interest to stretch this story as much as they can, taking their time to collect more data (assuming non of the suspects was trying to flee or sabotage evidence), and picking the right time to blow everything and go public, instead of being forced to do that by the supreme court. However, in this case there’s also the matter of public trust, which was going down the drain as time went on, so I agree that the overall handling of this business was horrible, especially given the statements of the defense minister.
    One more point – I understand that some of the suspects were detained using the “ticking bomb” legislation, which is a precedence in fighting Jewish terrorism. I assume most of the readers of this blog would oppose these laws categorically, but as it is – having them used indiscriminately is still infinitely better than the alternative.

  4. While the info is interesting and there is a good reason for criticizing the Israeli law enforcement forces, there is no reason to make things sound worse than they are. Why to write “which has cultivated other Israeli mass murderers like Eden Natan Zada”. How many Israeli mass murderers are there? In which time span? reading this line makes one think it is a common thing, which is not true.
    You also write, regarding the murder of Abu Khdeir trial “the architect of the crime was not convicted”. While this is true, it is only part of the truth. He wasn’t convicted YET. The verdict was postponed in order to let the judges the chance to consider the insanity claim. In such a sensitive case, I think it is more than OK if the judges try to be “holier than the pope” and don’t dismiss evidence due to technicalities.
    In short, being less one sided would have done much better service to your just cause

    1. @ Baruch: Of course it is true. There are scores of Israeli Jewish mass murderers. I consider any Israeli soldier or commanding officer responsible for murdering Palestinian civilians to participate in mass slaughter and war crimes (I also acknowledge that some Palestinians deserve their day in court as well). 35,000 Palestinians have been killed in violence since 1948, most of them civilians. This is murder no less than when Natan Zada did. Not to mention the other settler murderers who committed mass murder, but not under official orders to do so (Avi Popper, Weissgan, Goldstein, etc.).

      Regarding the Abu Khdeir incident, you apparently didn’t read the news coverage which said the trial was thrown into a tumult by the defense cheap tactic of introducing the psychiatric evaluation at the last minute & totally contrary to established trial procedure. This was a cheap trick which the judges should never have permitted.

      So yes, it’s perfectly reasonable to say he was not convicted because he could, & should have been already. The news coverage also notes that if the judges accept the petition from the defense it would involve an entirely new trial. That would delay any form of justice for many more months & could lead to charges against him being dropped if he’s found mentally ill.

      I become very, very suspicious when different commenters argue the same pts in virtually the same words. You have offered the same argument about the trial of the Abu Khdeir murderers, which means either you are the same person, or you are part of a group that is told what to say when you come here. Either way, I put you on notice that I smell a rat. Read closely other commenters in whatever post thread you visit. If someone has offered the same argument earlier DO NOT repeat it. It just means that I have to offer the same rebuttal to you that I offered them. That is highly annoying and will lead to repeat offenders being moderated.

      I don’t need any advice from you about how to do better service to my cause. I understand “my cause” far better than you do.

      1. Hi Richard,

        Well let me relate to your points:
        1. Putting in the same pot deaths caused in the middle of fighting and murders committed on purpose and in a perfectly quite surrounding – seems to me kind of wrong. The examples you’ve brought up (Avi Popper, Weissgan, Goldstein) are spread over span of more than 20 years, and you won’t find many more examples. I don’t relate to the question of how legitimate it is to call IDF soldiers “mass murederers”. This is a different subject.
        2. I agree the defendant has used a cheap trick. Obviously, IF the evaluation will be accepted it will have consequences on the trial. But why to bash the Israeli judicial system on things it didn’t do? The sentencing was postponed. It’s ok you don’t like, but you and I don’t know what will be the sentence at the end. BTW, Popper (from the previous point) is already 25 years in prison
        3. I am not part of any group, and this was my first post on any of your articles. In fact, I saw the comment of “The G” only now, as it took some time between reading this article and posting my comment. After all, I have also to work… 🙂
        4. I don’t claim to understand your cause better than you. I do think it is ok to give you some feedback, after all, this is the whole idea of comments, no?


  5. [comment deleted: Algemeiner is a hasbara shamatteh and prohibited here as a credible source. Your cheap, crude Arabophobic propaganda falls far short of what is acceptable in the comment threads here. Until you read the comment rules & respect them, any future attempts at commenting will be moderated & only approved if they follow these rules.]

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